CAS 解决方案

CAS 解决方案旨在满足研究、专利、监管和商务专业人士在创新过程每个阶段的需求,收录分析科学文献,创建数据间的关联,揭示未知的洞察和联系,助您加速突破。

CAS 解决方案旨在满足研究、专利、监管和商务专业人士在创新过程每个阶段的需求,收录分析科学文献,创建数据间的关联,揭示未知的洞察和联系,助您加速突破。

Solutions Umbrella Abstract

SciFinder Discovery Platform

Serving the research process end-to-end

Get discoveries to market faster and optimize margins. By giving researchers the tools and information they need, you can avoid surprises, uncover competitive intelligence, and make smart investments.

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STN IP Protection Suite

Connecting R&D and Intellectual Property

Save time and money with intellectual property (IP) insights. From new users to expert searchers, the STN IP Protection Suite helps mitigate risks and respond faster to opportunities critical to your innovation journey.

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CAS Custom Services

Accelerating breakthroughs with custom data, analytics, and insight

Partner directly with expert scientists and technologists at CAS to design custom solutions that leverage our content, technology, and expertise in new ways to drive efficiency innovation, capture emerging opportunities, and solve unique R&D and business challenges.

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Other Solutions

Mitigating risk through guidance

Drive insights that inform your scientific workflows. CAS is the specialist in scientific information, providing focused solutions for regulatory compliance, supplier information, and chemical safety.

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全球新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 疫苗开发工作综述

本报告综述了 COVID-19 疫苗的研究工作,比较所用的各项基础技术及其应用中使用的佐剂和递送系统,并预测其未来发展方向。


CAS Common Chemistry™ 扩展了公开化学信息合集

CAS 扩展了可公开访问的 Common Chemistry 资源,囊括 CAS REGISTRY®(物质数据库)中近 500,000 种物质。 该合集收录了消费产品、管制清单及化学入门课程中的常见物质。