Coverage of CAS basic patents by Year

CAS has covered patents of chemical, biochemical and chemical engineering interest from 1907 to the present.

This table lists the countries, patent kinds and years of CAS coverage for basic patents, i.e., patent documents abstracted and indexed by CAS.

Country CodeKind CodePublication TypePublication Years
AM ArmeniaAPatent of invention2015-
UUtility model2009-
AP African Regional Industrial Property OrganisationAGranted Patent2000-
Argentina"A1Patent Application1959, 1961, 1964, 2006-
A2Divisional Patent Application1959, 1961, 1964
A3Additional Patent Application1959, 1961, 1964
A4Independent Utility Model Application1959, 1961, 1964, 2006-
A6Additional Utility Model Application1959, 1961, 1964
AT AustriaA1Oesterreichische Patentanmeldung (Application with search report)10/2005-
A2Oesterreichische Patentanmeldung (Application without search report)10/2005-
A4Oesterreichische Patentanmeldung (Post-grant Application)10/2005-
BPatentschrift (Patent)1907-
AU AustraliaA1Standard/Petty Application09/2001-
A4Granted OPI Innovation Patent05/2001-
A5Pre-Granted/OPI Innovation Patent05/2001-
B3Petty Patent1982-
"BA Bosnia and
Herzegovina"APatent application1998-
BGranted patent2020-
B1Granted patent right former1998, 1999
DGranted patent2000-
BE BelgiumA/A1Patent, French Language1928-
A2Patent, Dutch Language1928-
A3Patent, German Language1928-
A4Improvement Patent, French1980-
A5Improvement Patent, Dutch1980-
A6Improvement Patent, German1980-
A7Patent of Importation, French1980-
A8Patent of Importation, Dutch1980-
A9Patent of Importation, German1980-
BG BulgariaAPatent Application2000-
B2Granted Patent2000-
BR BrazilAPedido de Privilegio (Patent application)1957-1958, 1961, 1964, 1971, 1975- 09/2009
A2Pedido de Privilegio (Patent application)09/2009-
D0Patent/Utility model filing1975-
U2Utility Model Application11/11/2008-
BY BelarusAPatent application1994-2001
C1Granted patent1988-2001
UUtility model1999-2001
CA Canada (5)APatent/Brevet1910-
A1Patent Application1977-
A2Division of Patent Application1979-
BReissue of Patent1980-
C2Patent Division07/2007-
EReissue of Patent1998-
CL ChileA1Patent application2005-2018
BGranted patentLimited, in progress
U1Utility modelLimited, in progress
YGranted utility modelLimited, in progress
Switzerland"APatentschrift/Expose d'Invention/Exposto d'Invenzione (Main Patent/Patent of Addition unexamined)1910-1975
A1Patentanmeldung (Patent application with search report)07/2008-
A2Patentanmeldung (Patent application without search report)07/2008-
A3Auslegeschrift/Fascicule de la Demande/ Fascicolo dela Dommanda (Patent application, examined)1983- 06/30/2008
A5Patentschrift/Expose d'Invention/Exposto d'Invenzione (Patent specification - granted without preliminary examination)1981-
BPatentschrift/Expose d'Invention/Exposto d'Invenzione (Main Patent/Patent of Addition examined)1962-1975
B1Patentschrift/Expose d'Invention/Exposto d'Invenzione (Assigned patent)09/2009-
B5Patentschrift/Expose d'Invention/Exposto d'Invenzione (Patent specification)1975- 09/2009
CN China, Peoples Republic ofAUnexamined Patent Application1985-
UGranted Utility Model Patent04/07/2010 -
YGranted Utility Model Patent2006- 04/06/2010
CO ColombiaA1Patent Application1995-
U1Utility Model2012-
CR Costa RicaAPatent Application2007-
UUtility Model Application2007-
Czechoslovakia(1)"B1Popis Vynalezu k Autorskemu Osvedceni (Inventor's Certificate)1955-1992
B2Popis Vynalezu k Patentu (Basic Patent)1987-1992
B3Popis Vynalezu k Autorskemu Osvedceni (Additional inventor's certificate)1979-1992
B4Additional/Dependent patent1979
B6Patentovy Spis (Patent specification; 1990 Law)1991-1993
CU CubaA3Certificate of a patent of invention1983-2012
A7Application for a patent of invention for a pharmaceutical product2005-2020
B1Granted patent of invention2012-2020
B7Certificate for a patent of invention for a pharmaceutical product2007-2012
UUtility model application2014-2019
CY CyprusAGranted patent1960-1998
A1Patent application2008
B1Granted patent1998-2013
B2Granted patent2009-2023
CZ Czech Republic(1)B6Patentovy Spis (Patent specification)1993 -
DD German Democratic RepublicA1Patentschrift, Wirtschaftspatent (Formal examination)1954-
A2Patentschrift, Wirtschaftspatent (Formal examination; Additional)1954-
A3Patentschrift, Hauptpatent (Formal and essential examination)1954-
A4Patentschrift, Hauptpatent (Formal and essential examination; Additional)1954-
A5Patentschrift, Ausschliessungspatent (Formal examination)1954-
A6/A7/A8Patent, Ausschliessungspatent (Formal examination; Additional)1954-
A9Offengungsschrift (Document laid open - first publication)1993-
DE GermanyAOffenlegungsschrift (Document laid open - first publication)1877-
A1Offenlegungsschrift (Document laid open - first publication)1970-
BPublished patent application1959,1963,1967-1972
B1Auslegeschrift (Document laid open - first publication without A1)1981-
B2Document laid open (Second publication)1971-1981
B3Patentschrift (Patent - first published without A1, B1 or B2)2004-
C1Patentschrift (Patent specification - first published without A1, B1 or B2)1970 -
C2Patent specification (Second publication)1973-1980
C3Patent specification (Third publication)1973-1981
U1Gerbrauchsmusterschrift (Utility model)1999-
DK Denmark(1)APatentansogning (Patent application made available to the public)2004-
A1Patent Application (Published with Search Report)12/25/2012-
BFremlaeggelsesskrift (Document laid open to public inspection)1909-1993
B1Meddett (Patent specification)1993-
U1Utility Model Application2000-
U3Utility Model Specification (without examination)01/14/2000-
U4Utility Model Specification (with examination)01/14/2000-
DO Dominican RepublicAPatent application1964-
BGranted patent2004
UUtility model1989, 2021-
YGranted utility model2014-2021
EA EAPO (Eurasian Patent Organization)B1Patent02/27/2007-
EC EcuadorAPatent application1990-2000
EE EstoniaAPatenditaotlus (Published patent application)2000 -
EG EgyptAPatent2000 -
EP EPO (European Patent Office)A1Patent Application (With search report)1978 -
A2Patent Application (Without search report)1978-
ES Spain(1)A1Patente de Invencion (Patent of invention)1946-1989
A1Solicitud de Patente (Patent of invention with search report)1987
A2Certificado de Adicion (Certificate of addition)1980-1989
A2Solicitud de Patente (Patent application without search report)1987-
A3Patente de Importation (Patent of importation)1980-1989
A6Patente de Invencion (1986 Law: Patent of invention without search report)1987-
FI Finland(1)BKuulutusjulkaisu Utlaggningsskrift (Examined application)1960-1997
FR France(2)ABrevet d'Invention (Old law: Patent of invention)1900-1970
A1Demande de Brevet d'Invention (Application for patent of invention - first publication)1967-
A2Demande de Certificat d'Addition (Application for certificate of addition to a patent - first publication)1967-
A3Demande de Certificat d'Utilite (Application for certificate of utility - first publication)1967-
A4Demande de Certificat d'Addition a un Certificat d'Utilite (Application for a certificate of addition to a certificate of utility - first publication)1967-
A5Brevet d-Invention (Patent of invention published without A1)1967-
A6Certificat d'Addition a un Brevet d'Invention (Certificate of addition to a patent of invention published without A2)1967-
A7Certificat d'Utilite (Certificate of utility published without A3)1967-
A8Certificat d'Addition a un Certificat d'Utilite (Certificate of addition to a certificate of utility published without A4)1967-
ECertificat d'Addition a un Brevet d'Invention (Old law: Certificate of addition to a patent of invention)1965-1970
FCertificat d'Addition a un Brevet Special de Medicament (Additional patent for medicament)1965-1970
MBrevet Special de Medicament (Special patent for medicament)1965-1971
GB United Kingdom(3)APatent Application1901-
BAmended Patent Specification1975-1978
GC Gulf Cooperation CouncilAPatent2002-
GE GeorgiaAPatent application2006, 2010, 2019-present
BGranted patent1993
UUtility model application2004, 2010, 2019-
YGranted utility model1999-
GR GreeceAPatent Application2000-
B1Patent (Published without A)2000-
GT GuatemalaAPatent application / divisional patent application1996-2010
UUtility model application / divisional utility model application1996-2010
HK Hong KongA2Short-Term Patent Specification2000-
HN HondurasAPatent application1996-
BGranted patent2014, 2018-
UUtility model application1996-
Country CodeKind CodePublication TypePublication Years
YRegistered utility model2018-
HR CroatiaA2Prijava Patenta (Patent application without search report)2000-
HU HungaryA1Halasztott Talalmany Bejelentes (Unexamined patent application)1970-1995
A1Szabadalmi Bejelentesek Kozzetetele (1996 Law: Patent application with search report)1996-
A2Teljes Talalmanyi Bejelentes (Unexamined patent application)1970-1995
A2Szabadalmi Bejelentesek Kozzetetele (1996 Law; Patent application without search report)1996-
BPatent Second publication1973,1975,1976,1978, 1980,1981
ID IndonesiaAPatent application, or simple patent applicationLimited, in progress
BPatent, or simple patentLimited, in progress
IE IrelandA1Patent Application2002-
A2Short-Term Patent Application2002-
IL IsraelAPatent Application1966-
IN IndiaAPatent Application2004-
BPatent Specification1948-
IP Web publicationTechnical disclosure from IP.com2001-
IR IranBGranted2008-
IS IcelandAPatent application1960, 1961, 1967, 1992-
A7Patent application1960-1993
BPatent grant1992-
B6Patent grant1960-1991
IT ItalyA1Patent Application2001-
BPatent1913-1914; 1919; 1925-1927; 1945-1972
B1Patent (Granted)1997; 1999-
JO JordanA1Patent application2018-
B1Granted Patent1971-
JP JapanAKokai Tokkyo Koho (Published unexamined patent application)1971-
BTokkyo Koho (Examined patent application)1916-1991
B1Tokkyo Koho (Granted patent without prior A)1991-
B2Tokkyo Koho (Granted patent with preceding publication)07/2007-
UToroku Jitsuyo Shinan Koho (Registered utility model application)2006-
KE KenyaAPatent application1975-1989, 2017-
BGranted patent2004, 2012-
DPatent application – duplicate number1977-1987
UUtility model application2017-
YGranted utility model2017-
KG KyrgystanAApplication2015-
BGranted patent2015-
C1Granted patent2002-2013
UUtility model applicationLimited, in progress
YUtility model grant2015-
KR Korea, Republic ofAKongkae Taeho Kongbo (Unexamined patent application)2000-
B1Teuk-Hu Gong-Bo (Patent specification)1996; 1999; 2007-
UGong-Gae Sil-Yong Sin-An Gong-Bo (Unexamined utility model)2006-
Y1Deung-Rok Sil-Yong Sin-An Gong-Bo (Examined utility model)2006-
KZ KazakhstanAApplication1999-2010, 2016
UUtility model applicationLimited, in progress
YUtility model2017-2022
LT Lithuania(1)BPatento Aprasymas (Patent application)1994-
LU LuxembourgA1Patent Application (with search report)2001-
A2Patent Application (without search report)2001-
LV Latvia(1)BIszinas (Patent publication)1994-
MA MoroccoA1Patent application1996-
MC MonacoABrevet d'Invention (Patent of invention)2000-
MD MoldovaACerere de Brevet de Inventie (Published non-examined patent application2000-
A0, A1, A2Patent Application (Published with/without search report)01/31/2011-
B1Brevet de Inventie (Published examined patent application without A publication)2000-
F1Brevet de Inventie Acordat (Dec. of grant without examination and without A)2000-
G1Unexamined Patent Specification (Granted/Applicant's Responsibility)TBD
I1Unexamined Utility Model Specification (Registered / Applicant's ResponsibilityTBD
UUtility Model Application (Unexamined)05/31/2001-
U0Short-term Patent ApplicationTBD
W1Utility Model (Registered)01/31/2000-
YShort-term Patent (Granted)01/31/2009-
Y1Utility Model Application (Examined / Published)09/30/2002-
Z1Utility Model (Registered)01/31/2000-
ME MontenegroACerere de Brevet de Inventie (Published non-examined patent application2000-
BGranted patent2004-
MK MacedoniaAPatent2017-
MN MongoliaA1Patent application1963-
A6Inventor’s certificate1972-1983
A8Inventor’s certificate of addition1984-1989
BGranted patent1961-2019
UUtility model2001-2019
MT MaltaBGranted patent1968-1992, 2010-
MW MalawiA1Patent application1973-1994, 2012-
MX MexicoASolicitud de Patente (Patent application)1956, 1958, 2000-
MY MalaysiaAGranted patents and utility models2008-
NI NicaraguaAPatent application2003-
UUtility model2010-2019
NL NetherlandsATerinzagelegging (Patent application laid open)1912-
A1Inschrijving (Registered specification laid open)1996-
NO Norway(1)BUtlegningsskrift (Document laid open for public inspection)1907; 1909-1997
B1Patent (1997 Law)1997-
NZ New ZealandAPatent Application2000-
PA PanamaA1Patent application1996-
A2DivisionLimited, in progress
UUtility model application2017-
PE PeruA1Patent application1996-
ZUtility model1996-
PH PhilippinesAPatent Application2001-
A1Application with search report10/01/2017-
A2Application without search report02/12/2018-
B1Granted Patent10/12/2012-
ZUtility Model Application03/12/2012-
BGranted2008, 2015-2022
PL Poland(1)A5Opis Patentowy (Inventor Certificate)1957-
A6Opis Patentowy (Inventor Certificate; Addition)1957-
B1Opis Patentowy (Patent)1957-
B2Opis Patentowy Patentu Tymczasowego (Provisional patent)1980-
B3Opis Patentowy (Additional patent)1980-
B4Opis Patentowy Patentu Tymczasowego (Provisional additional patent)1980-
PT PortugalAFasciculo de Patente de Invencao (Application for patent of invention)2000-
PY ParaguayAPatent application2015, 2017-
BGranted patent2017-
YUtility modelLimited, in progress
RD Research Disclosure1974-2006
RO RomaniaA0Cerere de Brevet de Inventie (Patent Application)01/28/2011-
A1Descrierea Inventiei (Patent)1962-1963; 1966-
A2Descrierea Inventiei (Inventor Certificate)1962-1963; 1966-
A3Descrierea Inventiei (Addition to inventor certificate)1962-1963; 1966-
A7Complementary description of an invention1962-1963; 1966-
BPatent Specification1992,1994-2004
B1Granted patent as first publication1980-
B3Descrierea Inventiei (Patent - later supply of Romanian abstract)1980-
RS SerbiaAPatent application (<2012)2006, 2007, 2008
A1Patent application w/ search report2022-
A2Patent application w/o search report2022-
BGranted patent (<2012)2006-2008
B1Granted patent2021-
UUtility model (<2012)2006, 2007, 2008
U1Petty patent (utility model)2022-
RU RussiaC1Vydannyi bez Predshestvuyushchei Publikatsii Zayavki (Patent for invention)1993-
C2Vydannyi s Predshestvuyushchei Publikatsii Zayavki (Patent for invention - second publication)1993-
Imperial Russia1908, 1911-1914
Russian Applications1918; 1920-1940; 1963-1964
SA Saudi ArabiaAPatent application2005, 2006,
B1Granted patent2000-2007, 2022
SE Sweden(1)A1Patent Application04/13/2010-
BUtlaeggningsskrift (Document laid open for public inspection)1908-1994
C2Patentskrift (1994 Law: Granted patent)1994-
SG SingaporeA1Patent Application2000-
SI SloveniaAPatent2000-
A2Patent s Skrajsanim Trajanjem (Short term patent)2000-
SK Slovakia(1)B6Patentovy Spis (Patent)1994-
SM San MarinoAPublication of application/Publication of application for PCT transfers2000-2015
A1Publication of application2017-2022
BGranted patent2000-2017
B1Granted patent2015-
SU USSRA1Opisanie Izobreteniya k Avtorskomu Svidetel'stvu (Description of the invention for an inventor's certificate)1940; 1943; 1945-1947; 1949-1950; 1952; 1955-1999
A2Opisanie Izobreteniya k Avtorskomu Svidetel'stvu (Description of the invention for an inventor's certificate of addition)1940; 1943; 1945-1947; 1949-1950; 1952; 1955-1999
A3Opisanie Izobreteniya k Patentu (Description of the invention for a patent)1940; 1943; 1945-1947; 1949-1950; 1952; 1955-1999
A4Opisanie Izobreteniya k Patentu(Description of the invention for a patent of addition)1993
SV EL SalvadorAPatent application1970-
UUtility model2015-
TH ThailandAPatent application1995-1999
UUtility modelLimited, in progress
TJ TajikistanAPatent application1998-2007, 2015
UUtility model1998-2005
Y3Petty patent2005-2007, 2012-2022
TN TunisiaA1Patent application1997-1999, 2018-
TR TurkeyA1Patent Basvurusu (Patent application with search report)2000-
A2Patent Basvurusu (Patent application without search report)2000-
TT Trinidad and TabagoBGranted patent1994-
TW TaiwanBZhulanli Gongbao (Patent)1958; 2000-
UA UkraineADeclarative patent specification for invention1997-
A1Patent for invention, granted upon a USSR author’s certificate1997-2003
C2Patent for invention, granted upon the application, filed within the Patent Office of the USSR and for which no positive decision was taken, or Patent for invention1993-
UUtility model2021-
US United StatesAGranted Patent (prior to 2001)1828-2000
A0Published Patent Application (NTIS)1971-
A1Patent Application (post 2000)2001-
B1Granted Patent (Published without A1)2001-
B2Granted Patent (Published with A1)07/2007-
E/E1Reissue Patent1967-
H/H1Statutory Invention Registration1986-
I4Defensive Publication1969-1987
I5United States Patent Application (Trial Program)1975-1976
P1Plant Patent Application Publication2001-
P2Plant Patent Application Publication (Published without P1)2001-
P3Plant Patent Application Publication (Published with P1)07/2007-
UY UruguayA1Patent application1997-
UZ UzbekistanBGrant2017
UUtility model2017
VE VenezuelaAPatent application2017-
UUtility model application2018
YUtility model2018
VN VietnamAPatent application1997-1999
A1Patent application1996-1998
BGranted patent1996-1999
UUtility model application1996-1999
YGranted utility model1996-1999
YU YugoslaviaAPatent application1973-1979
WO WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)4A1PCT International Application (With search report)1978-
A2PCT International Application (Without search report)1978-
ZA South AfricaAPatent Specification1939; 1960; 1964-
DPatent Specification (Used to distinguish a document with the same number as one previously published)1964-
ZM ZambiaA1Patent application1968-
BGranted patent2016-
ZW ZimbabweA1Patent for an invention1980-
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