SciSearch STN Usage Terms

The following use and distribution restrictions apply to your use of the SciSearch File on STN.

All copyrights are reserved. Unless specified otherwise in these RESTRICTIONS, CUSTOMER may use copyrighted search results in the following ways: (a) in copyrighted scientific publications when search results are incidental to the publication and (b) in reports to a Government Agency that are required by law or by administrative rule.

Search results delivered to CUSTOMER in computer-readable form remain the property of the Database Producer. Unless specified otherwise in these RESTRICTIONS, Recipient may use search results in computer-readable form for the following purposes: (a) editing or changing the format of search results to create search terms for use with search files or systems; (b) combining search results with output from other searches, files, or systems to create a consolidated file of search results; (c) editing the search results to remove irrelevant answers or to change the format of such results. Recipient shall not use computer-readable search results as a database or part of a database from which hits are selectively retrieved by programmed search, unless Recipient has purchased the right to store search results using the ARCHIVE command or keyword. Recipient may create one printed copy of search results from a computer-readable file of search results at no additional charge. Recipient must destroy the computer-readable search results upon creation of the printed version, unless Recipient has purchased the right to archive records with the ARCHIVE command or keyword. Recipient may purchase the right to redistribute search results to additional users using the REDISTRIBUTE command or keyword.

Enter HELP SHARETERMS at an arrow prompt (=>) for more information on the STN Information Keep & Share Program, which allows Recipient to purchase the right to archive and/or redistribute search results. Or, visit the STN Information Keep & Share Program for detailed information.

Recipient shall obtain Database Producer's specific written permission for any uses of computer-readable search results other than those listed here.

The Thomson Corporation is the sole and exclusive owner of all rights to the data in its databases. The Thomson Corporation grants to each individual user of The Thomson Corporation databases (the "Searcher") the right to download and store data retrieved from The Thomson Corporation databases and to use the data for the Searcher's personal use only, without further payment to The Thomson Corporation, subject to the following:

(1) The Searcher may distribute to others, within the Searcher's organization, in print form, up to 25 copies of individual items but solely for research or scholarship purposes.

(2) Librarians and information brokers who are Searchers may supply a single copy of their search results, in print form or on magnetic media, to a client, but must insure that The Thomson Corporation's copyright is known to these clients.

(3) Data retrieved from The Thomson Corporation's databases may not:

(a) be used for commercial resale except as stated above (b) be accessed in a networking mode without prior agreement with The Thomson Corporation.

Any and all uses of the data not expressly permitted above require The Thomson Corporation's prior written consent.

It is understood that there may be errors in The Thomson Corporation Databases, although The Thomson Corporation does its best to avoid those errors. The Thomson Corporation shall not be responsible for any erros or omissions in the Databases. THE THOMSON CORPORATION MAKES NO GUARANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WITH RESPECT TO THE THOMSON CORPORATION DATABASES. THE THOMSON CORPORATION SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.


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