BioDuro chooses SciFinder from CAS to Enhance Research Productivity and Shorten Cycle Times for Client Success

Collaboration between drug companies and contract research partners drives innovation in evolving business environment.

Columbus, Ohio (November 18, 2019) – CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, announced today that leading contract research, development and manufacturing organization (CRO/CDMO) BioDuro has signed a five-year agreement for SciFinder. This agreement provides enterprise-wide access to the most advanced scientific information solution for all scientists at BioDuro, ensuring they can access the world’s most comprehensive and reliable collection of chemical reactions, substance, scientific literature and commercial sourcing curated by expert scientists.

BioDuro, headquartered in San Diego, CA (USA), with growing operations in China and the United States, is committed to providing the highest quality functional and integrated discovery and development services to customers across life science sectors. With over 1000 employees globally, BioDuro has grown rapidly in its 14-year history while helping clients significantly accelerate their discovery programs into the development stages.

We have worked with CAS as a trusted partner since our inception and are pleased to announce the upgrade to the new SciFinder platform. SciFinder gives all our scientists unlimited access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date scientific information available so we can better serve our customers, helping them achieve their goals and ultimately bring their products to the market faster.” said Frank Ruebsam, Senior Vice President of Chemistry Operations at BioDuro. “We believe it is critically important to continuously invest in the future by using cutting-edge tools. Providing the BioDuro team with the same high-quality information resources relied upon by our customers builds our clients’ confidence in our ability to drive their projects to success.” 

SciFinder, the foremost solution in the SciFinder® family, allows researchers to access the scientific information they need faster and more efficiently, thereby driving innovation and getting new breakthroughs to market faster. SciFinder features the unmatched CAS content collection, new retrosynthetic planning solutions, and the most advanced chemistry relevance engine in the industry, making it an indispensable resource for scientists. 

“CAS is proud to support BioDuro’s ongoing growth and success and appreciates the confidence they place in our solutions.” said Craig Stephens, Chief Customer Officer at CAS. “We applaud their commitment to supplying their scientists with state-of-the-art information resources and look forward to helping them maximize the value of this investment to drive greater efficiency and success for themselves and their customers.”

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BioDuro is a leading life sciences research organization that provides biopharmaceutical clients with comprehensive, functional and integrated drug discovery services as well as drug product manufacturing services up to Phase III. With extensive expertise in small molecule drug discovery across most therapeutic areas, scale-up, and large molecule development, combined with unique technology platforms, BioDuro is well positioned to help clients significantly accelerate their discovery programs. For more information about BioDuro, please visit

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