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CAS offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet the needs of research, patent, regulatory, and business professionals in every phase of the innovation process. Built on the foundation of the robust CAS content collection, our products will help you get there faster.

SciFinder N - A CAS Solution

Do better research in less time with the premier interface to the CAS content collection that offers the most advanced chemistry relevance engine in the industry.

This is really incredible and makes my job too easy.

Formulus Logo

Formulus® is a comprehensive formulations database and workflow solution. It can help you develop safe and effective products.

Simplify your compliance workflow with a single resource for global regulatory information covering nearly 150 inventories and lists.

STN® is the premier single source for searching the world's disclosed scientific and technical research.

Get a comprehensive view of the IP landscape with the premier single source for the world's disclosed scientific and technical research.

STN helps us fully understand the patent landscape so we can develop and protect our valuable IP portfolio. 

PatentPak - A CAS Solution

Leverage the work of CAS scientists to dramatically reduce time spent analyzing full-text chemical patents and go right to the chemistry you need.

MethodsNow - A CAS Solution

Save time with a single source to search and compare the latest published analytical and synthetic methods.

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Extend your organization’s SciFinder® coverage back to 1830, providing additional decades of historically significant chemistry published in Chemisches Zentralblatt.

ChemCats - A CAS Solution

CHEMCATS® is the market-leading index of commercially available chemicals and their worldwide suppliers.  Integrated in SciFinder®, CHEMCATS provides verified available quantities, prices and supplier contact information for millions of commercially available chemical products from hundreds of suppliers.

Science IP - A CAS Solution

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of CAS to perform custom searches for your organization.

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