Powerful R&D Predictions are in Reach

Tame Your R&D Data

How do you get past the AI hype and get the results you’re seeking? R&D leaders are achieving more powerful predictions with higher quality data.


  • Toray Industries’ new approach to specialized materials data 
  • 31% improvement in biological activity predictions with better data alone 
  • Efficiency savings of more than $800,000 annually from cleaning "dirty data"
  • Optimized property predictions for novel electronic device development 
  • ICL repurposed 75% of targeted waste compounds with better data connections

Is the quality of your data limiting your prediction accuracy? CAS curates the world’s largest collection of scientific insights and works with R&D organizations globally to improve their prediction accuracy.  

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Powerful r&d predictions are within reach


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More and better data is obvious. What isn’t obvious is how data is interpreted. Encoding requires expert chemistry knowledge. CAS descriptors get better results because of the expertise of their scientists.

Dr. Alpha Lee
Co-founder/Chief Scientific Officer