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Comprehensive desktop access for experienced online searchers

  • STN Express software is free to all STN® users
  • Built in Discover Wizards – An easy way for less experienced searchers to search easily
  • Enhanced results analysis
  • Access to premier scientific and patent content
  • Post-processing of results

Getting Started with STN Express

View the STN Express - Frequently Asked Technical Questions (PDF) for help on choosing an installer or checking your version of STN Express Software.

  1. Download the software directly from the STN Software License and Download site. Follow the instructions to download the software installation file to your desktop or to a download folder. Remember where you save the downloaded file. The file name begins with "v8_6".
  2. Exit STN Express and all other running programs. 
  3. Locate the software installation file that you downloaded and either double-click the file to launch the installer or right-click on the file and select Open.
  4. Follow the prompts to install Version 8.6.
  5. Verify that STN Express Version 8.6 installed. First, launch STN Express, then check your version of STN Express - select the Help Menu on the Main Toolbar then select About STN Express. 
  6. If the version is correct, you may delete the downloaded software installation file. If it is not Version 8.6, repeat steps 3-5. 

Features of STN Express Version 8.6

  • Compatibility with Windows 10
  • Full support for PatentPak® in STN®
  • Advanced structure drawing tools
  • Create and Edit SDI Wizards to support RSS delivery of alert results
  • Property and Spectra Wizards to reflect content portfolio updates
  • Enhanced CAS REGISTRY BLAST® performance and security via the June 2018 patch
  • Table Tool to identify the source transcript for each record in a multi-transcript report

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