new STN Video Tutorials

The tutorials below show in-depth search techniques using the new STN platform. These 6 quick start tutorials will familiarize you with new STN and walk you through the basics of getting started. These short tutorials also are closed captioned so you can follow along with the instructor.



Getting Started with new STN

This short tutorial is to familiarize you with tools and features in new STN using an example search in CAplusSM and Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI).


Truncation and Operators

This tutorial covers truncation symbols used when searching in new STN, Boolean operators, text proximity operators, and operators which are unique to new STN.


Set up and Run Updates in new STN

This tutorial covers the two types of database updates to notify you when changes occur in databases on new STN - the database update notification and Update Results.


Extended Patent Family Tables in new STN

This brief tutorial demonstrates one of the most popular features in new STN, the Extended Patent Family Table, which enables users to:

  • access patent family information for extended families from any patent record
  • export extended family tables
  • view detailed records for selected family members


Cross File Search with REFX and SUBX in new STN

This tutorial covers the REFX and SUBX commands, which are unique to new STN. These Cross File Search operators work in selected databases to cross substance data across databases to find references (REFX), or to find substances from references (SUBX).


Exact and Family Structure Searches in new STN

This tutorial covers Exact and Family chemical structure searches in new STN. Exact searches are useful for finding homopoloymers or copolymers of exact monomers, or exact compounds used in reactions, or analytical studies. Family searches are useful for finding multi-component substances, including copolymers with unknown monomers, and formulation searches for drugs or agrochemicals.



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