New STN Platform

Migrating to CAS STNext from new STN

As of January 1, 2022, all newSTN users have access to the latest version of CAS STNext® and can experience the premier scientific IP information platform. With this upgrade, users have full access to the renowned CAS Content Collection and the industry leading precision search capabilities. CAS will no longer support new STN after April 1, 2022. 

To help new STN users realize the full benefits and capabilities of CAS STNext, we have compiled a series of resources to guide you through the upgrade to CAS STNext.  If you have issues or questions after viewing these videos, please contact the CAS Customer Center

Learning the CAS STNext interface

Take a quick tour of the CAS STNext interface and learn how to access key patent search and analysis functions within CAS STNext. 



Setting up alerts in CAS STNext

Have CAS STNext work for you even when you are offline. Learn how to set up automated searches that periodically run to notify you of newly published information, including structure-based alerts. 


Command line scripting with CAS STNext

See how the command line feature of CAS STNext captures your commands in a session and converts them into a standard script that can run automatically for future updates.



Cross-file searching in CAS STNext 

Best practice for Transferring a set of patent records between CAplus and WPI or INPADOC or other files to retrieve further information or remove duplicates of patent data between files.



Displaying answers with CAS STNext

See how to use the display command, using the most common pre-defined formats, and creating customized formats in various databases.



Help file messages with CAS STNext 

Learn where to find detailed help of the search fields, display fields, and analyze fields within CAS STNext.



Removing duplicates with CAS STNext 

Learn how to remove duplicates when using multiple databases containing the same journal references, the DUP REM command allows you to remove the redundant records from your results.



Saving and activation of results with CAS STNext

See how to save a query or an answer set and later activating these saved items and reusing them.



Scripting options with CAS STNext

Introduction into the more advanced scripting language to create automated searches with variables.



Selecting databases with CAS STNext

See how you can select one or multiple databases for your search to run in. Use the Index function to find the most relevant databases for your query.



Settings with CAS STNext

See how to customize the experience on CAS STNext and what settings should be implemented for searches.



Text searching with CAS STNext 

Learn about Text searching differences related to truncation, proximity operators, and using the Expand command.



Using additional content sources in CAS STNext

Explore the benefits of using additional content sources in CAS STNext including  PatentPak, status indicators, and search claim text in CAplus.



Searching prior art with CAS STNext

See how new CAS STNext uses automated technology to retrieve a list of the closest prior art for a given patent based on CAplus indexing.



Understanding the CA Lexicon on CAS STNext

The CA Lexicon organizes scientific concept families, giving researchers improved recall and precision within CAS STNext. Learn how to include the terms from the CA Lexicon including broader and narrower terms to enrich the scope of your search strategy.



Exporting results from CAS STNext 

Learn how to build charts and visualizations by exporting search results into XML and BizInt Smart Charts.