Substance Identification and Inventory Information

CAS builds and maintains the TSCA inventory for the EPA.

The EPA relied upon CAS chemical substance experts to build the initial TSCA Inventory. CAS continues to build and maintain the TSCA Master Inventory.

The European and Canadian governments also contracted CAS' aid in creating their regulated substance inventories:

  • DSL –  Canadian Domestic Substances List
  • EINECS –  European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances
  • NDSL – Canadian Non-Domestic Substances List
  • NLP – No Longer Polymer

Before adding national inventories to CHEMLIST and CAS Chemical Compliance Index, CAS substance experts check and verify all substance information. They also:

  • provided links to the inventory substances using, CAS synonyms, CA index names, and CAS Registry Numbers®
  • verified, validated, and, when appropriate, assigned new CAS Registry Numbers for each of the substances reported in:
    • AICS – Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances
    • AREC – South Korean Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals
    • ECL – Korean Existing Chemicals List
    • ELINCS – European List of Notified Chemical Substances
    • ENCS – Japanese Existing and New Chemical Substances
    • IECSC – Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China
    • INSQ – National Inventory of Chemical Substances in Mexico
    • NZIoC – New Zealand Inventory of Chemicals
    • PICCS – Philippines Inventory of Chemicals and Chemical Substances
    • REACH –
      • List of Pre-Registered Substances
      • Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for Authorization
      • Annex IV: Exempt from Registration
      • Annex XIV: Substances Subject to Authorization
      • Annex XVII: Dangerous Substances and Preparations
    • SWISS – Inventory of Notified New Substances
    • TCSI – Taiwan Chemical Substance Inventory
    • VNECI – Vietnam New and Existing Chemical Inventory
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