CAplusSM not only covers journal references and patents from 1907 to the present but also includes more than 224,000 records from earlier years:

  • Journal of the American Chemical Society, 1879-1906 (Volumes 1-28)
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1896-1906 (Volumes 1-10)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry journals, 1841-1906
  • Chemisches Zentralblatt, 1897-1906
  • More than 500 frequently cited landmark papers of enduring value, 1900-1912
  • More than 38,000 U.S. patents published from 1808-1906

The pre-1907 records are assigned to the year 1906, Volume 0, and 0CI (Collective Index) to distinguish them from other CASM/CAplus records.

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