The CAS Registry Number® (CAS RN®) Verified Partner Program is an opportunity for those using CAS Registry Numbers publicly to partner with CAS to ensure they are providing complete and accurate CAS REGISTRYSM information.

Please submit the CAS RN Verified Partner Program Data Submission Order Form by e-mail as a .pdf.

There are two ways to submit information to CAS Client ServicesSM:

  • Via Microsoft Excel® file using a Chemical Name and an unique identifier
  • Via an SDF file

How to Submit an Excel File

Each record should contain:

  • Unique Identifier
  • Chemical name

Please send your Excel file in a format similar to the example below:

Example of Excel spreadsheet submission for CAS RN Verified Partner Program

Tips on submitting data in an Excel file:

  • Each substance is contained in one row with one column dedicated to each data type.
  • Use these conventions for special characters such as Greek characters, special chemical symbols, trademark or copyright characters, etc. Consult "Chemical Name Match Information for tips on optimizing name match.
  • Do not use Chinese or Japanese characters.
  • Do not send files with images.

Please note that this service is an exact computer match. Increasing complexity and amount of punctuation in a chemical name decreases the likelihood that a name match will be successful.

Send inquires to

Information on Submitting an SDF File

CAS Client Services accepts Structure Files in .sdf format only. Do not attempt to manually construct Structure Files because this increases the likelihood for errors that may make your data unusable.  Electronically generate the .sdf using molecular drawing or other chemical data processing software.

Each record must contain the following:

  • Header information (four lines in standard format)
  • Connection Table
    • Please include salt data in the connection table and not in a separate tag field
    • If your compounds have chiral centers, use chiral flag as appropriate in the molfile
    • CAS Client Services will be leveraging the molfile as-drawn, please ensure your representations are accurate for the substance(s) being submitted
    • One substance per molfile
    • Polymers are not accepted in this format
  • Tag information
    • Unique ID (required)
    • Use these conventions for special characters such as Greek characters, special chemical symbols, trademark or copyright characters, etc.
    • Do not use Chinese or Japanese characters.
  • End-of-record-delimiter ('$$$$')

At this time CAS Client Services is only able to accept Structure Data Files in V2000 format.  If you have any concerns regarding the format of your file, please contact

The following is an example of a structure file:

SDF example  for CAS RN Verified Partner program

Contact CAS Client Services

For more information, including prices, contact CAS Client Services in any of the following ways:

Phone: 1-800-631-1884 (North America)
Phone: 1-614-447-3870
Fax: 1-614-447-3747

Contact CAS

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