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CAS SciFinder®

More than a literature and chemical compound database, CAS SciFinder leverages human curation to deliver relevant, actionable insights so you can innovate faster.

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84% of researchers* agree CAS SciFinder improves the overall effectiveness of their scientific research.


84% of researchers* agree CAS SciFinder allows them to work more quickly than other research solutions.


80% of researchers* agree CAS SciFinder allows them to be more innovative than other research solutions.

*CAS SciFinder Productivity Survey 2023.

Solve your R&D challenges with CAS SciFinder

Make research decisions that get results with a single solution that combines the world’s largest source of scientific knowledge with powerful search and analysis tools.

See how CAS SciFinder can benefit the research and development efforts of you and your team.

Optimize your synthesis plans

Use the retrosynthesis tool to calculate an experimental or predicted synthesis based on known chemistry.

Accelerate your patent efforts

Perform searches that quickly uncover specific compounds within the full text of a patent.

Determine the patentability of your research

Use the CAS Draw tool to test your drawn structure against a database of patent literature.

Discover literature relevant to your research

Powerful filtering tools and alerts help you identify references relevant to your research.

Your one true source for chemical substances

CAS SciFinder is the world’s most current and relied on source for chemical substance information. Inform your critical research activities with authoritative details on chemical substances and their related chemical structures, chemical names, regulatory information, and properties, including CAS Registry Numbers®.

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CAS SciFinder advantages

Accelerate literature review

Significantly reduce literature review time with the most advanced relevance engine in the industry that improves the meaningfulness of each search and produces more precise results.

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Assess the IP landscape

Get a better view of the IP landscape to bring your innovation to market successfully based on a clear understanding of opportunities, risks, and other activities in the space.

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Devise synthesis plans

Devise your optimal synthesis plan for a given target with one of the largest databases of single and multi-step reactions enhanced with reaction conditions, yields, catalysts, and experimental procedures.

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Research reactions confidently

Quickly find the information you need to perform your experiments safely and confidently, including reaction schemes, procedures, conditions, and yields.

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Visualize search results

Make better decisions faster with user-friendly visualization tools that pinpoint trends, patterns, and outliers, helping you turn information into insights.

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Find available chemicals

Source materials during research with verified catalogs from hundreds of suppliers covering millions of unique commercially available products with available quantities, prices, and supplier contact information.

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Find out how the CAS SciFinder Platform can increase your efficiency and drive innovation first-hand.

"CAS SciFinder keeps me out of the library and in the lab."
Source: TechValidate. TVID: 9E4-509-143
Robert Bonsall
Graduate student
University of Michigan
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CAS SciFinder webinars

Whether you already have CAS SciFinder or are considering it for your organization, learn more about this advanced scientific research tool and how to use it by watching our recorded webinars or signing up for future live ones.

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