PatentPak Interactive Patent Chemistry Viewer

PatentPak® is a robust, patent workflow solution available in SciFindern. The PatentPak interactive patent chemistry viewer significantly reduces the time spent locating the important chemistry in a patent by using CAS scientists’ direct links to key substances in the source patent.

Utilize CAS scientist’s annotations to easily identify chemistry described in the patent, even hard to find substances found in text or tables.

Watch this introductory video or follow the illustration for tips on how to use the PatentPak Viewer.

Screenshot of the Interactive Patent Chemistry Viewer in PatentPak

1. Interactive Document Viewer

  • Presents searchable, full text of patents with interactive indexing and annotations that  inform the user’s research
  • Offers direct links to and from SciFinder that promote serendipitous searching and exploration

2. ​Key Substances Sidebar

  • CAS Analysts compile a list of key substances in each patent so researchers can quickly identify and navigate to substances and chemistry of interest
  • Direct page number links take researchers to the precise location of the substance in the patent, eliminating the need to read the patent page by page
  • Hard-to-find substances embedded in text and R group tables link directly to a visual representation of the structure wherever possible
  • Each substance in the sidebar includes the authoritative CAS Registry Number® and a link to the substance’s SciFinder record in CAS REGISTRYSM, making interpretation of patent information easier than ever

3. ​Search in SciFinder - from the Key Substances Sidebar

  • Explore known research on related compounds
  • Follow serendipitous search paths uncovered during research
  • Take advantage of the unparalleled content in CAS REGISTRY and one of the world’s largest curated collections of chemical reactions with associated conditions and experimental procedures
  • Unearth otherwise unseen chemistry content and claims with exclusive Markush searching

4. PatentPak Toolbar

  • Export patent PDFs for sharing and printing. As shown below, if printed with Analyst Markup, PDFs include a table of all key substances featuring the structure, its location and authentic CAS Registry Number.

PatentPak key substances in a patent

In the Toolbar you can also;

  • Quickly jump to specific pages via convenient navigation links
  • Zoom in or out to better view structures or text