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SciFinderⁿ provides access to the world’s most comprehensive and reliable collection of scientific research information. A global network of expert scientists curate and aggregate the world’s scientific patent and journal content daily and make it fully discoverable through the advanced technology contained in SciFinderⁿ. This ensures researchers have the most current and accurate substance, reaction, reference and commercial sourcing information available to quickly and confidently inform your critical research activities.

  • Substances – Access the world’s most-trusted substance resource, the CAS Registry. This is the one true source for authoritatively identifying a chemical substance and its related chemical structures, chemical names, regulatory information and properties, including the CAS Registry Number®. The CAS Registry Number is universally used to provide a unique, unmistakable identifier for chemical substances.
  • Reactions – Create synthetic plans with full access to dependable and current chemical reaction information. Our synthetic information is all sourced from scholarly journals, patents, dissertations and seminal reference works. It includes reaction schemes, step-by-step experimental procedures curated by expert scientists, detailed conditions and product yields.
  • References – Details from thousands of global scientific references are at your fingertips. They are added to the CAS content collection every day, creating a comprehensive resource to access and keep up-to-date on the world’s published scientific patent and journal literature across disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science, agricultural science and many more. Digital full text documents are immediately available, including patents that have been chemically annotated by our expert scientists.  
  • Chemical Suppliers – Keep your research moving forward with CAS's up-to-date resource for finding commercially available chemicals from verified catalogs from hundreds of suppliers, including available quantities, prices and supplier contact information with direct links to leading producers and supplier sites.