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Get discoveries to market faster and optimize margins by giving researchers the information they need to avoid surprises and make smart investments with insight into the latest discoveries and competitive intelligence.

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Speed up your science with the leader in chemical intelligence

The most comprehensive collection of chemical reactions, substances, sequences, patents, and scientific literature. The smartest, most powerful, science search engine including BLAST, CDR, and motif. CAS expert scientists provide context, concepts, and relationships beyond keywords.

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Develop safe and effective products

Understand a formulation’s effectiveness with quick access to the best information for active ingredients and excipients. Get insights beyond literature and interact with formulations data curated from patents, journals, and product inserts more effectively. Evaluate ingredients, find alternative suppliers, and explore regulatory requirements in one easy interface.

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A single source for in-depth scientific methods

Designed with the analytical chemist in mind as a single source for searching and comparing the latest published scientific methods. Search and compare hundreds of thousands of methods across multiple scientific fields of study. Seamless integration with SciFindern

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Build a Foundation for Profitable Digital Transformation in Sci-Tech R&D

How do you get past the AI hype and begin accelerating discovery in a digital world?  Explore the challenges and opportunities in building a successful digital transformation framework with actionable AI analytics.

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