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Ammonium Nitrate whitepaper request

Date/Time: December 4, 2020 - 11:30am - 12:30pm EST  - REGISTER


Even if you don’t work with industrial levels of ammonium nitrate on a daily basis, the safe handling of this chemical could have implications in your local community.  With the recent tragedies in Beirut, are there lessons learned that can help minimize the safety risks?   

Join us for an in-depth panel discussion with experts who bring diverse ideas from the commercial, academic, and safety viewpoints from a deeper study into the formulation options, the innovation landscape, and key safety guidelines.   


Kimberly Brown, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Kimberly Brown
Chemical Hygiene Officer
Univ. of Pennsylvania


Dr. Jimmie Oxley, Univ of Rhode Island
Dr. Jimmie Carol Oxley
Professor of Chemistry
Univ. of Rhode Island


Vyto Brabauskas, Fire Science & Technology Inc
Dr. Vyto Brabauskas
Fire Science & Technology


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