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CAS Powers Research for Charles River Laboratories and Top Contract Research Organizations Worldwide
CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, and Charles River Laboratories agreed to a multi-year agreement for SciFinder, ensuring the organization’s scientists can efficiently access the extensive CAS collection of the most complete and accurate scientific information available. Read more
Press Releases
CAS Brings the Brightest Early-Career Researchers from Around the Globe Together for the 2017 SciFinder® Future Leaders Program
CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, announced today the 2017 SciFinder Future Leaders. Twenty-five international Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers will visit CAS headquarters in Columbus, OH this August to collaborate on exciting new initiatives to support the scientific community, including the latest CAS workflow solution, SciFindern. Read more
Where Does Your Time Go?
Results of a recent survey show that across industry segments, more than 50% of researchers’ time is consumed by non-research activities—including seeking and analyzing information needed to support their research. Take a look at the data in this infographic on how researchers spend their time and imagine how much more productive your organization could be if every scientist had a few more hours in the lab each week for the work that really drives results. Read more
Curation reveals hidden information for more effective IP searching
Lora Burgess of CAS discusses the ways curated content could improve your patent search by making it easier, more precise and less time consuming. Read more
Three keys to ensure a thorough prior art search
Matthew McBride investigates prior art searching, specifically considering three key points to ensure success is achieved. Read more
Casting a wider net in the quest for hidden prior art
Matthew McBride of CAS continues his discussion on prior art searching, looking more closely at invalidity and rejection of modern patents and prior art resurfaced by digitization of hard-to-find materials. Read more
Capitalizing on home grown IP: A deeper look into global tech transfer
Anne Marie Clark of CAS discusses why companies are capitalizing on homegrown intellectual property, and takes a deeper look into the global tech transfer story. Read more
Taking IP to the bank: Tech transfer pitfalls to avoid
Anne Marie Clark of CAS examines some common pitfalls and considerations required for successful tech transfer to the business community. Read more
Markush structures: Opportunities and risks
Peter Blasi of CAS investigates the pros and cons of scientific intellectual property, specifically thinking about Markush structures and their complications under patent law. Read more