Strategies for Adding Value and Building a Strong Biotech Patent Portfolio

The process for developing new biotech therapies can easily put R&D and intellectual property leaders in uncharted territory. From lead selection to freedom to operate, it is not unusual to request a dozen patent and scientific literature searches to help guide researchers as they attempt to maximize value and opportunity. Collaboration, communication, and thorough research facilitates the innovation to commercialization lifecycle.

During this webinar hosted by IPWatchdog our panel of industry leaders will discuss:


What you will learn

  • How missing data slows research and creates missed opportunities.
  • Specific strategies for optimizing IP value at each stage of R&D.
  • Proven techniques for improving the quality and speed of preclinical studies.
  • Using all-in freedom to operate searches to pressure test patent claims.
  • Finding new IP value in data emerging during R&D.
  • How continued analysis can and should lead to stronger claims during commercialization.
Date & Time

Thursday, April 27, 2023

12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT