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CAS Releases Special Report Highlighting COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Research

CAS has issued a special report in ACS Central Science titled “Assay Techniques and Test Development for COVID-19 Diagnosis.” This report provides a detailed overview of COVID-19 diagnostic tests, trends, and resources.



CASはACS Central Scienceで特別報告書「Assay Techniques and Test Development for COVID-19 Diagnosis」(COVID-19 診断の検定手法とテストの開発)という特別報告書を公開しました。COVID-19診断テストの詳しい概要、トレンド、リソースについてまとめた内容です。


CAS 发布重点介绍 COVID-19 诊断检测研究的专题报告

美国化学文摘社 (CAS) 在 ACS Central Science 期刊上发表了一篇题为“Assay Techniques and Test Development for COVID-19 Diagnosis”的专题报告。该报告详细介绍了新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 的诊断检测、趋势和相关资源。


CAS 开放抗病毒化合物数据集 全力支持COVID-19相关研究

为了全力支持COVID-19的相关研究与数据挖掘,CAS发布了可公开访问的化合物数据集,包括了已知的或可能具有抗病毒活性的化合物。该数据集收录了来自 CAS REGISTRY® 的近 50,000 个化学物质,这些物质在已公开出版的文献中报道了其抗病毒活性,或与已知抗病毒化合物结构相似。现在即可下载。

Press Releases

CAS Releases Open Access Dataset of Antiviral Chemical Compounds to Aid COVID-19 Discovery and Analysis

CAS has released an open access dataset of chemical compounds with known or potential antiviral activity to support COVID-19 research and data mining. The dataset contains nearly 50,000 chemical substances assembled from the CAS REGISTRY® that have antiviral activity reported in published literature or are structurally similar to known antivirals. Available to download now.

Press Releases

CAS and PatSnap Forge Strategic Partnership that Unites Market-leading Scientific Content and AI-powered Technology to Accelerate Global Innovation

This CAS and PatSnap partnership unites market-leading scientific content and AI-powered technology to accelerate global innovation. Collaboration strengthens leading sci-tech information solutions to deliver enhanced insight across R&D and IP workflows.


CAS 与 PatSnap 建立战略合作伙伴关系,整合行业领先的科学内容和 AI 驱动技术,加速全球创新

CAS 与 PatSnap 建立战略合作伙伴关系,整合行业领先的科学内容和 AI 驱动技术,加速全球创新。领先的科技信息解决方案的强强联合,将为整个研发和专利工作流程提供更深入的见解。

Press Releases

Syngenta Invests in SciFinderⁿ from CAS to Enhance Research Efficiency and Bring Sustainable Agricultural Solutions to Market Faster

Syngenta invests in SciFinderⁿ from CAS to enhance research efficiency and bring sustainable agricultural solutions to market faster. Advanced scientific information solutions proving to be a critical driver of productivity for leading innovators as the volume of published scientific data grows.



秉承致力于帮助研发领导者加速科学发现的愿景,美国化学会(ACS)旗下分支机构美国化学文摘社(CAS)今日宣布其突破性的逆合成设计工具正式上线SciFindern。这一计算机辅助合成设计(CASD)解决方案,将CAS科学家标引的无以伦比的反应集合与AI技术相结合,并利用John Wiley and Sons,Inc.屡获殊荣的ChemPlanner技术生成已知以及新化合物的预测逆合成路线。