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Knowledge Management Training

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Succeed with Digital Transformation 

Clean, well-managed data is essential for analytics and insights. Without a strong data foundation, valuable information is rendered useless.  Our training bridges the skills gap and prepares your talent to: 

  • Increase project ROI   
  • Break down data silos  
  • Communicate effectively with technical partners   
  • Optimize search and analytics   
  • Enable AI & machine learning 

Scientific information is complex, nuanced with critical representations and relationships. Don’t get slowed down by common challenges of technical data collections.  Our scientific and technical experts take you step-by-step through your digital transformation with data science courses such as: 

  • Curation and Data Management 
  • Data Integration 
  • Search and Analytics

Key learnings are customized for your organization and coupled with personalized consultation to enable success for your digitalization projects.  


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