Ammonium Nitrate Safety - electronic brochure

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Chemical safety is critical to the mission of the ACS and one of the most prominent chemicals involved in many high-profile accidents (such as Beirut in 2020 and Texas in 2013) is ammonium nitrate.  Yet, the explosions are only one piece of the story, as ammonium nitrate is the most potent, economical, and convenient fertilizer on the market with the potential to feed billions across the world.  So how do we minimize the risks involved with storing ammonium nitrate?  What kinds of lessons can be learned?  Where is innovation occurring across the world and what can be done to help increase awareness?   

Explore this interactive brochure that provides a quick overview of the chemistry of ammonium nitrate, the key processes in manufacturing, and innovation areas to make it safer for all stakeholders.   

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