The Next 30 years: STN® Celebrates and Looks to the Future

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of STN.  STN partners CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe hosted a joint celebration, complete with cake, at the recent PIUG Annual Meeting in Garden Grove, CA. As we celebrate this important milestone, we reflect on what has changed, what has stayed the same, and what it means for the future of STN and professional patent searching.


Many aspects of patent law, search technology and content have certainly evolved significantly over the last three decades. The STN experience has changed significantly as well. The acoustic coupler originally used to transmit STN data is a distant memory, long since replaced by the internet, and searches that took more than five minutes to complete in 1984 run in seconds today. However, the core objective of IP searchers to efficiently and comprehensively gather and analyze relevant publications is still fundamentally the same - and the commitment of STN to meet those objectives by providing the best available content collection, powerful search functionality and reliable partnership is still the same today as when STN launched in 1984.


As we look to the future, we embrace with great excitement the opportunities that new STN provides to ask questions differently, explore data in new ways and meet the ever-evolving needs of current and future generations of IP professionals. As part of this celebration we also acknowledge the loyal support of our customers and all the ways you have helped us grow over these 30 years to become the leader in sci-tech patent searching. We can't thank you enough and look forward to another 30 years of great partnership!



STN® AnaVistTM, Version 2.1, Improves Operating System Compatibility and Performance

Effective May 9, 2014, Version 2.1 of STN AnaVist is available at no cost to all STN login ID holders. The new version's benefits include:

  • Improves compatibility with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, via an upgraded Java version (1.7.0_21)
  • Enhances performance, especially for larger projects, by allocating more memory
  • Shows the current calendar year in chart copyright statements, more accurately indicating information currency 

A related enhancement provides enhanced Technology Indicators information in STN AnaVist projects.

Installing STN AnaVist, Version 2.1, will remove the previous version. Existing projects are not impacted by installation. The new version is available from the STN License and Download Software website.

Availability of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) Enhanced in STN Databases

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are permanently assigned by publishers to many source documents referenced in STN databases. DOIs are unique, persistent and provide a means to access electronic full text, including documents available via open access. 

Effective May 18, 2014, DOI information is included, whenever available, in the BIB (including IBIB and CBIB) and ALL (including IALL and DALL) display formats of the following databases, including their learning files: 

  • CASM/CAplusSM family of databases/LCA
  • Embase®/LEMBASE
  • Embase Alert (file EMBAL)
  • SciSearch® 

When available, DOI information can be consistently found following the Source (SO) field. To limit retrieval in any of the above databases to records with DOI information, include FTDOI/FA (or its alias, DOI/FA) in your searching. 

Although the addition of DOI information to the BIB and ALL display formats has no impact on BIB and ALL pricing, custom displays of DOI information now carry a BIB charge. See HELP COST in the file of interest for pricing information.

New Emtree Release Includes Changes in Cell Line Terminology

The May 12, 2014, release of Emtree contains an additional 720 preferred terms (including 87 drug terms) added since January 2014. This brings the total number of preferred terms in Emtree to 69,931. Information on the new terms is available here.

Many of the new medical terms added to this Emtree edition represent cell lines and tumor cell lines. The "cell line" and "tumor cell line" headings now appear only as Narrower Terms under "Anatomical Concepts", and no longer under "Procedures, Parameters and Devices".

Other highlights include:

  • Over 290,000 synonyms (more than 180,000 for drugs and chemicals)
  • Over 3,000 specific terms for general and medical devices (e.g., endoscopes, catheters, prostheses)

Customers running SDIs in Embase and/or Embase Alert should consult the new thesaurus to determine if the search terms in their strategies need to be updated.

New NPS Cluster Includes all Databases with the Numeric Property Search Feature



NPS enables numerical searches to be performed for physical properties. The numeric physical property data has been identified within the basic index, title, abstract, detailed description and claim fields. For details and the searchable properties, enter 'HELP NPS' at an arrow prompt in the respective file.


New STN Global Value Pricing Empowers You to Maximize the Value of STN

STN Global Value Pricing delivers truly unlimited STN access at a fixed price, with predictable renewal costs. Built upon the successful STN Fixed Fee pricing program, Global Value Pricing incorporates customer feedback and recent market trends to empower users to maximize the value STN creates for their entire organization.


Key aspects of Global Value Pricing include:

  • Unlimited usage of all STN content and features under a single fixed-price agreement
  • Access through all STN interfaces, including new STN
  • Unlimited users at all sites globally
  • Multi-year agreements with fixed annual increases
  • Renewal pricing based on standard annual price increase


STN Global Value Pricing allows organizations of all sizes to improve budget predictability, simplify administration, and focus on finding answers rather than worrying about costs. For more information click here.



scienceIPScience IP®, the CAS Search Service, contributes monthly articles describing best practices and useful information from real searches.


This month's article is titled Making the Most of Mixtures in CAS REGISTRYSM/CAplusSM


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