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Annual MEDLINE® Reload on STN® Introduces New Searching Capabilities and the Updated 2014 MeSH Thesaurus

The annual reload of MEDLINE on STN launched on January 26, 2014. The reload includes the 2014 MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) Thesaurus. Key enhancements include:

  • Multiple author affiliations – Organizational affiliations (or corporate sources) are now provided for all authors rather than just one
    • BIB and ALL displays have been updated to include multiple author affiliation information
    • The new AU.CS custom display format provides all author and corporate source information per record
  • Unique author identifiers from the ORCID Registry are now available in the AUID field
  • Expanded citing document search and display capabilities allow customers to hyperlink to citing documents of interest
  • New Grant Organization (GO) and Grant Number (GN) fields provide information on the institutions funding medical and scientific research
  • The new Abstract Language (ABLA) field provides the additional languages in which the publisher provided an abstract

For further information on the enhancements, enter HELP RLOAD in MEDLINE. For the full article click here.

TOXCENTER's MEDLINE Content Reloaded

The MEDLINE content in TOXCENTERSM has been reloaded. The controlled indexing terms in TOXCENTER have been updated to reflect the 2014 MeSH thesaurus. Grant information from MEDLINE records in TOXCENTER now appear in the new GO (Grant Organization) and GN (Grant Number) fields. Both new fields are available for search and display. A few MEDLINE records now include AUID (Author Identifier) information. See the updated Database Summary Sheet for further information.

Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI): Latest Manual Code Revision Goes Live

The DWPI manual coding system annual revision for 2014 is now complete and used by the editorial teams to code records appearing in the database from DWPI Update 201401 onward. The editorial team consistently applies DWPI manual codes to new inventions across all 50 authorities covered in the database. Since the coding highlights the novel technical aspects of the invention as well as the application(s), it is extremely useful to improve the precision and recall of searches and the subsequent analysis of result sets. As with previous revisions, the coding has been updated to:

  • Reflect changes in technology
  • Take into account suggestions for improvements
  • Enhance code descriptions and scope notes to improve the consistency of code application by the editorial teams and understanding of what each code covers
  • Include 634 changes made to DWPI codes, including 190 new codes and updating of existing Titles, Scope notes and/or Search terms

Notable changes include:

  • Major revision of S02-A and X13-F/G to remove duplication of codes covering common aspects within each of those existing sections
  • Expansion of X23 section
  • Introduction of several new W04-M01 codes
  • Introduction of several new Q51 codes in response to customer feedback
  • Editing of code titles in B, C and E classes to include full names of metals in addition to two-character abbreviations, to assist customers using the Manual Code lookup tool
  • Introduction of codes B14-A02B0 and C14-A02B0 for Calcivirus/Norovirus in response to customer feedback

The Coding Manuals and reference guides on the Thomson Reuters website have all been updated to include the changes. These resources are available at: Additionally, users can provide suggestions for future manual code revisions by sending them to

Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI): New Coverage of Singapore PCT-Transfers and Grants

The country coverage in DWPI has been further enhanced with the inclusion of records relating to PCT transfers to the SG national phase (hereinafter referred to as PCT transfers) and granted patents published by Singapore, from DWPI update 201407. Singapore patent applications (other than PCT transfers) are already covered in DWPI.

This latest addition further extends the global coverage of editorially enhanced content in the file.

The expanded coverage in DWPI will include all applications resulting from international applications via the PCT and granted patents published from January 2005 to date. Records identified as basics will have DWPI titles and abstracts and manual coding, with deep indexing for chemical records where applicable. The first records are due to appear into DWPI update 201407.

Further details about Singapore (numbering formats and coverage) and other authorities covered in DWPI can be found in the DWPI Reference Center:

CAS News

CAS Partners with Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) on a New Feature Article Called patentpicks

A collaboration between CAS and C&EN staff leads to a new, monthly feature in C&EN called patentpicks. The feature article series premiered in the January 27 issue of C&EN and  highlights current technology, focusing on three or four recent patents from the CAS databases to support the importance of this technology.

See for more information.

Q: How do you calculate the Country Number Count Field in CAplusSM?

A: The Country Number Count (/CY.CNT or /CYC) field in the CA/CAplus family of files provides the number of countries/authorities where a patent has been applied for or granted. It is based on the information included in the CAplus patent family. The CY.CNT field may be custom displayed. The field is numerically searchable. Rules for determining the Country Number Count are as follows:

  1. Each unique patent country in the patent family is counted
  2. Exception: The EP and WO patent authorities are not counted. Instead the unique Designated States listed under EP and WO are included in the count

The record has a Country Number Count of 10. Reading from the top down, the 10 countries are as follows: JP, and the designated states CN, KR, SG, US, DE, FI, FR, GB and SE under WO. The designated states under EP all duplicate states under WO. Remember that WO and EP are not included in the count.  

February 2014: In This Issue
New STN Platform Update


Version Two of New STN Delivers Global Patent Content and New Features

Version Two of new STN launched in December 2013, with additional global patent content and new functionality.

Seven additional patent databases, including US, WO, EP, JP, CN and IN full text and INPADOCbib, expand global IP coverage. New features integrate content and enhance workflow efficiency to support a broad array of IP search projects.

Extended Patent Family Tables integrate patent information from CAplus, DWPISM, INPADOC and full-text databases to provide a complete view of an invention. Other updates in Version Two include:

  • A structure query attribute panel that provides a convenient way to view and edit query attributes
  • The ability to create term lists for efficient transfer of data elements between databases
  • Easy updating of results sets from existing queries with the most current available content

New STN is currently available to all fixed fee users at Look for more content and exciting features planned for release in 2014!

Bookmark the new STN Platform webpage and check back often as we will be providing additional information at various development stages.

Science IP

abcdScience IP, the CAS Search Service, contributes monthly articles describing best practices and useful information from real searches. This month's article discusses crossing over large answer sets in new STN.

Faced with a challenging search or require comprehensive results? Contact the expert research staff at Science IP.

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