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CAS Expands Coverage of Philippines Patents

CAS expanded its kind code coverage of chemistry and chemistry-relevant Filipino patents. Coverage of Filipino B1 granted patents and Z utility model applications in CAS databases allows customers to retrieve information on new inventions from the Philippines sooner than before. Novel substances disclosed in these patents will be available to users in CAS REGISTRYSM more quickly.

For complete information on the coverage of patents in CAS databases, refer to Coverage of CA Basic Patents by Year (Country Codes and Years) and Patent Kind Codes for CA Basic and Patent Family Members on

STN® on the WebSM Enhanced with Updated Structure and BLAST® Plug-ins

STN on the Web was enhanced to include updated Structure Drawing and BLAST Sequence Search Plug-ins on September 14, 2013. Both plug-ins are free. The new plug-ins provide compatibility with the Windows 8 operating system and a number of newer browser versions:

  • Internet Explorer (versions 7-10)
  • Firefox (versions 10-22)
  • Google Chrome (versions 23-28)

See “Operating System (OS) and Browser Support” within STN on the Web’s interface for further information.

In the next few months, an additional new version of the Structure Plug-in will be launched, focusing on a number of structure drawing and display enhancements. If you are not experiencing technical issues with STN on the Web in your current computing environment, you may wish to wait and install the next release to capture all enhancements in one update.

Application Numbers for U.S. Patents in CASM/CAplusSM and USPATFULL/USPAT2 Enhanced with U.S. Series Code Information

Effective September 28, 2013, U.S. application numbers from series 13, design applications from series 29 and provisional patent applications from series 60 and 61 will include series codes. The enhancement applies to:

  • CA/CAplus file searches and displays
  • MARPAT® and CASREACT® displays
  • USPATFULL and USPAT2 searches and displays

The inclusion of series codes ensures uniqueness of U.S. application numbers, allowing for more precise searching. It also results in better cross-file transfers among the CAS databases, the USPAT databases, INPADOCDB and the Derwent World Patent Index. At this time, this enhancement applies only to the classic STN platform, but will be implemented in new STN in a future release.

Additional Experimental Spectra Now Available in CAS REGISTRY

Effective October 2013, CAS will enhance its collection of experimental spectra. In addition to the 1.3 million spectra already available, CAS is adding more than 22,000 heteroatom NMR spectra to CAS REGISTRY. The specific heteroatoms covered are boron, nitrogen and oxygen.

The sources of the new spectra are Wiley and ACD Labs.

The approximate number of spectra being added and related STN display formats are in the table below.

Type of Spectra New Display Format Wiley ACD Labs
Boron-11 NMR SPEC.B11NMR ~5,700 N/A
Nitrogen-15 NMR SPEC.N15NMR ~3,800 ~9,700
Oxygen-17 NMR SPEC.O17NMR ~3,300 N/A

These new spectra can also be displayed along with all other available spectra per substance by using the SPEC display format.

October 2013: In This Issue
New STN Platform Update


STN Revolutionizes Patent Searching for Professionals

Version One of the new STN platform is taking STN to new heights. Catch a glimpse of exciting advancements on the horizon in this video.

  • Check out a recent blog written about new STN.
  • Check out the recent article on new STN published in InfoToday Newsbreaks.

More New Platform Product News and Media Releases:

Bookmark The New STN Platform webpage and check back often as we will be providing additional information at various development stages.

What's New with STN Version One

Version One now offers an in-product support feature that simplifies the process of providing feedback, including enhancement suggestions or requesting search support. From the Contact Us link customers may now directly contact the Customer Center.

The new feature provides:

  • Easy communication and reporting of comments and suggestions
  • Pre-populated customer information
  • The ability to designate your preferred mode of contact
Science IP

abcdScience IP, the CAS Search Service, contributes monthly articles describing best practices and useful information from real searches. This month's article examines "Displaying Substances Without References in Patentability Structure Searches".

Faced with a challenging search or require comprehensive results? Contact the expert research staff at Science IP.

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