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Derwent WPI: The New Cooperative Patent Classification Is Now Available

The Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) is a new patent classification system jointly developed and maintained by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) accommodates CPC data from two different sources including CPCs published by the European Patent Office in DOCDB and CPCs published by the USPTO on the front page of the original US patent documents. CPC information is currently provided for updated DWPI records from Derwent update (/DW) 18/2013 onwards (14th of March). In addition, new records cover the CPC published by the USPTO. The CPC backfile is expected to be loaded in June 2013 providing CPC data published to the third week of January 2013. Later, the standard quarterly reclassification updates include CPC data for new patent publications and CPC revisions, beginning in July 2013. The European patent classifications ECLA and ICO as well as the US Patent Classification will be retained as historical classification data in DWPI. For more details, search and display examples see:

STN Updated to Reflect Streamlining of CAS Roles

Effective May 18, 2013, the list of CAS Roles has been streamlined to increase clarity and search efficiency. Selected roles no longer in use have been replaced in the CASM/CAplusSM backfile indexing with the appropriate broader term from the role hierarchy. The CAS Roles Thesaurus on STN has also been updated to reflect this change and an STN search edit has been implemented to ensure continued comprehensive retrieval by automatically updating users' search queries with the current applicable role.

Roles and super roles are used in the CA/CAplus family of files to allow searching for precise information on substances. For example, searching:


restricts retrieval to documents focused on THerapeutic Uses of simvastatin. Roles are assigned to every indexed substance and to controlled index terms for classes of compounds.

For documentation of current roles, super roles and their meanings, see our updated Quick Reference Card.

CAB Abstracts (File CABA) Has Been Reloaded on May 24, 2013

CABA has been reloaded with enhancements on May 24, 2013.

  • A new version of the Thesaurus was loaded and the database was   completely re-indexed by the producer.
  • More than 400,000 DOIs have been added to older database records
  • The Numeric Property Search Feature has been installed - for more information on NPS see HELP NPS or follow this link.

For further information, see HELP RLOAD within the file or contact your local STN Help Desk.

STN Adds Indian Patent Full Text File - INFULL

Effective May 28, 2013, INFULL adds the full-text of Indian patent applications and granted patents in English to STN. The Indian Patent Office (Intellectual Property India) published about 30,000 documents annually in recent years.

The records of the database contain bibliographic data including patent applicant and inventor, patent   number, application, priority, and related application data, IPC, CPC, EPC, and ICO classification codes, abstract, and the full text of descriptions and claims. Abstracts are either original or taken from equivalent documents (according to DOCDB) if available. If original description and claims are not present in sufficient quality or are not available, they are taken from equivalent documents as well. The content of equivalent descriptions and claims are indexed as usual in the fields DETD, CLM, and BI. The search fields are indexed as usual as DETD and CLM in the field availability (FA) and additionally as DETD.EQ and CLM.EQ. In this way, the equivalent description and claims are searchable separately.

Each database record contains all documents published for one application, displayed in order of appearance. Family display formats from the INPADOCDB database up to 2004 are available too. Online thesauri for the International Patent Classification (/IPC), Cooperative Patent Classification (/CPC) and European Patent Classification (/EPC and /ICO) are searchable. Numeric values of 55 physical and chemical properties (/PHP) in about 1,800 unit variants are searchable in all full-text fields.

The INFULL file contains over 440,000 records and about 120,000 images from 1912 onwards. About 500 documents are published each week, which are available in INFULL about a week after publication with the complete content.

For additional information about this new databases, refer to the STN Database Summary Sheet or STN Guide (=> s INFULL/DBN).

July 2013: In this Issue
New STN Platform Update

Version One of the New STN Platform Launched June 15!

Version One of the new STN platform went live on June 15! The beta release of Version One was a tremendous success with hundreds of organizations around the world participating. We greatly appreciate the support and input we received from our customers during the beta period. Their feedback ensures that we are developing the new STN platform to meet the needs of professional searchers now and in the future. In particular, beta users expressed excitement over the speed, usability and search power of new STN. One user even said he was “blown away.”

This Version One release is the beginning of a multi-year initiative to create the next generation of STN. The new STN platform, currently available to all STN fixed fee customers, introduces a project-oriented workflow, improved usability and a virtually limitless search architecture that has the potential to revolutionize patent searching. It delivers core STN content and search and retrieval functionality that integrates the power of command line with an intuitive user interaction, enabling professionals to leverage their expertise and realize instantaneous results. To ensure our customers’ needs are fully supported, the current STN platform will remain available as new STN development continues during this multi-year initiative.

We are excited to partner with our customers as we continue this journey with the new STN platform. Get more information on new STN at upcoming conferences or from your local representative. We look forward to providing all STN users access to the new STN platform in the coming year and to the next release, Version Two, offering significant content and feature additions, this Winter!

Science IP
Science IP, the CAS Search Service, contributes monthly articles describing best practices and useful information from real searches. This month’s article examines database clusters on STN. Database clusters are useful for locating databases to search individually or to search in groups (multi-file searching). All of the databases on STN have been assigned to at least one cluster and many are assigned to more than one cluster. If you are searching for a specific technology, reviewing the clusters that focus on that technology area can be an efficient way to identify the best databases to include in your search. For more information, see this month’s article on database clusters on STN.

Faced with a challenging search or require comprehensive results? Contact the expert research staff at Science IP.

Upcoming Training

View Upcoming Training on the Training & Events Calendar

You can now find upcoming training on the new Training & Events Calendar. The event titles provide a full description of the event and registration links. For simplified use, view the calendar by month or filter by event type.

For on-demand STN training resources, please visit CAS Learning Solutions at http://learning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and quick reference cards are available to help new users with Learning Solutions.

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