Predict When CAS REGISTRYSM Hits 70 Million Organic and Inorganic Substances!

By the end of 2012, CAS expects to register the 70 millionth organic or inorganic substance. Predict the date and time when CAS REGISTRY hits 70 million organic and inorganic substances for a chance to win an Apple iPad®, Kindle Fire® or Nook® (based on entry date). To enter or for Contest Rules, visit the CAS REGISTRY counter on the CAS website.

Database News

USAN 2012 Reload Now Available on STN!

The 2012 version of USAN is now available on STN and includes more than 200 new drug names. USAN, the USP Dictionary of U.S. Adopted Names and International Drug Names, is recognized throughout the health care industry as the authoritative drug dictionary.

Get More Current Reaction Information with Daily Updates to CASREACT® on STN

Improve your search experience and receive more timely information for single- and multi-step reactions and synthetic preparations with daily updates to CASREACT.

User Documentation for ReaxysFileTM on STN

As already announced, ReaxysFile on STN was reloaded and information on more than 8 million substances was added including inorganic substances and substances deriving from patents.

To get more information on the extended content and a good overview on the functionality, further user documentation is now available. Follow this link for the full list of documentation.

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At Your Command

Learn tips on how you can get the most out of the STN command language.

Get SET to View Your Changes

You can add preferences using the SET command to increase recall, make commands behave the way you prefer or to change default values. You can customize these changes to PERMANENT across sessions. However, you need to be aware of which settings are selected.

Display CHANGED lists all items that have been reset from their default values.

DISPLAY SET lists current settings for all parameters, including:

  • Current session
  • Permanent
  • At login
  • By default
Other DISPLAY options show changes to default search and display fields such as:

: user-defined custom search fields for a database.

DISPLAY SET SFIELDS: changed default search field for a database.

DISPLAY FORMAT: user-defined display formats (which are distinguished in the list as those starting with a period).

DISPLAY SET DFORMAT: default format for a database.

Discover additional information on how to use commands at
STN Commands and Quick Reference Resources

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September 2012: In this Issue

Search Tip of the Month
The gold standard for chemical information, CAS REGISTRY, contains more than 68 million unique organic and inorganic chemical substances, and more than 63 million sequences. Substance records with incompletely known structures or complex mixtures contain the Editor Note field (/ENTE), which provides more information or gives a description to better understand the structure and its use. In this example, learn about the Usefulness of the Editor Note Field in CAS REGISTRY Database.

Faced with a challenging search or require comprehensive results? Contact the expert research staff at Science IP.

CAS Customer Center Q&A


Each month we’ll provide answers to real customer questions.

Q. Why do some substances in CAS REGISTRY have zero references? How can I learn more about these substances?

A. Records in REGISTRY represent substances indexed for the CAS databases (CASM/CAplusSM, CASREACT®, CHEMCATS®, CHEMLIST®, MARPAT®) and other databases in products such as SciFinder® and STN. Substances that come from sources other than literature or patent publications may not contain any references. CAS indexes these substances to support registration policies, chemical libraries, chemical catalogs, web sources, reaction databases and data collections not represented in STN.

To learn more about a substance in CAS REGISTRY that does not have any literature or patent references in an STN database, consult the following fields:

  • Source of Registrations (SR)

    For CAS Registry Numbers® 97314-93-7 and higher, the SR field indicates the reason for first registering the substance. You can EXPAND or SEARCH the content of the SR field.

  • Class Identifier (CI)

    For substances registered to support CAS registration policies, the CI field may provide additional insights as to why the substance was registered.
See specific examples and search tips for substances with zero literature or patent references.
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