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Removal of Pre-IPC 8 data fields streamline displays in CA, CAplus, CASREACT, and MARPAT

To streamline displays in the H/Z/CA, H/Z/CAplus, MARPAT, and CASREACT databases, Pre-IPC 8 display formats ICM, ICS, ICA, ICI, and IC have been removed from the following predefined display formats:

  • STD / ISTD
  • CLASS (not a display format in MARPAT)
  • IND
  • SAM (not a display format in CASREACT)
  • SCAN

The deleted fields ICM, ICS, ICA, ICI, and IC were redundant with data appearing in the IPCI field.

Note: You can still use these Pre-IPC 8 fields when searching and/or custom-displaying information from Pre-IPC 8 patents (those published in 2005 and earlier).

Access an additional 1.8 million records exclusively enhanced with 1.9 million CAS Registry Numbers--EMBASE Classic on STN

The EMBASE Classic backfile, covering records from 1947 through 1973, has been added to the EMBASE database on STN. EMBASE Classic augments the 8.4 million records added to EMBASE earlier this year when the MEDLINE Uniques file segment was added to the database.  The backfile contains 1.8 million records from 3,400 international biomedical and pharmacological publications from 1947 through 1973.

Get an exclusive bonus of 1.9 million CAS Registry Numbers. Using the Drug Descriptor Terms in EMBASE Classic records, CAS generated Registry Numbers for 480,000 records that lacked Registry Numbers altogether Supplemental CAS Registry Numbers were supplied for another 180,000 records. Altogether, CAS added nearly 1.9 million  CAS Registry Numbers to these 660,000 enhanced EMBASE Classic records!

You can use these CAS Registry Numbers to link the content of EMBASE Classic to the content of the most recent published literature covered in EMBASE and in more than 60 other STN databases containing CAS Registry Numbers.

The total number of records now available on STN from the three EMBASE file segments is 24 million.

File Segment   Years of Coverage    Number of Records
EMBASE   1974 to present             13.8 million
EMBASE MEDLINE Uniques  1948 to present 8.4 million
EMBASE Classic   1947 to 1973 1.8 million
EMBASE Total 1947 to present             24.0 million

More than 90% of EMBASE Classic records include abstracts. All records include updated index terms from EMTREE, EMBASEs unique life science thesaurus.

You will find EMBASE Classic particularly useful when you need historical perspective on a biomedical topic, such as

  • the side effects and toxicity of a given drug reported over time
  • research on a drug whose development has resumed after a long period of abandonment
  • the investigation of new uses for old drugs
  • knowledge about diseases and disorders common in the past but rare today 

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