CAS Search Guard

What is CAS Search Guard?

Gaps in capacity, technology integration and staffing are among the many obstacles that can jeopardize the success of your organization’s innovation and new business opportunities. With CAS Search Guard, overcoming these challenges has never been easier.

CAS Search Guard At A Glance:

Asset Monitoring
Analysis & Visualization
Search Expertise
Data Customization
Supplemental Capacity
Competitive & Strategic Analysis
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How Does CAS Search Guard Help?

CAS Search Guard gives you access to experts in science, technology, and intellectual property who can help you resolve challenges across your organization. From simple patent searches to in-depth, strategic consultations, Search Guard provides a wide range of knowledge, resources, and solutions to your business.

  • Step-by-step guidance in building quality monitoring programs to reduce IP, product safety, or regulatory risks.    
  • Creation of custom visualizations from IP and scientific data, according to customer-specific analytical and reporting requirements.
  • A highly-experienced research team works directly with customers to execute patent and scientific search projects.
  • Efficient sourcing, integration, and structuring of scientific, patent, and chemical substance data for custom workflow requirements.
  • Outsourcing of search projects to address temporary gaps in capacity or expertise.
  • Innovation and IP landscape and whitespace analyses to inform strategic decision-making and reduce competitive risks.

    CAS Search Guard is a trademark of the American Chemical Society

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