CAS Scientific Patent Explorer

What is the CAS Scientific Patent Explorer?

By leveraging world-renowned CAS chemical capabilities, CAS Scientific Patent Explorer offers a unique combination of patent analysis and content. This provides a powerful solution for both patent professionals and scientists in an easy-to-use tool.

CAS Scientific Patent Explorer At A Glance:

Speed & Efficiency – A more efficient experience by searching chemistry and patents in one tool
Ease of Use – A simplified user interface enables you to easily find the desired patent search results
Comprehensive Data – 140 million full-text patent documents from 115 patent jurisdictions and over 67 million chemicals from CAS
Screenshots of CAS STN Patent Explorer

How Does CAS Scientific Patent Explorer Help?

CAS Scientific Patent Explorer allows users to easily search for substances and perform chemical analysis.

  • Retrieve substances and related patents using a proprietary search and relevance algorithm built by CAS.
  • Visualize and analyze chemical patent content to discover patentability and trends.
  • View full text patents with a side by side view of abstract, claims and description text for efficient review.

    CAS Scientific Patent Explorer is a trademark of the American Chemical Society

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