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Searching for Formulations

Learn how to find detailed formulations and sort by formulation properties...

Thank you: Resolving CAS Registry Number Discrepancies in the Brazilian Chemical Industry

Explore how CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform helped a Brazilian company tackle regulatory challenges by resolving CAS Registry Number discrepancies, ensuring compliance, and enabling efficient chemical operations.

Thank you: Trends and strategies for effective IP search and analytics

The chemical industry is experiencing rapid growth and innovation, necessitating effective intellectual property (IP) search and analytics strategies to stay ahead of the competition and avoid the risk of duplication or misdirected investments.

Thank you: Predicting New Chemistry

In chemical synthesis planning applications, the goal is to generate sets of synthetic routes that are as diverse and accurate as possible. However, data-driven computational applications can only be as good as the underpinning data.

White Papers

White papers featuring CAS, its products, and technology innovation.

Thank you: Addressing Sustainability of the Global Patent System

This white paper discusses how patent offices are adopting new approaches to improve workflow efficiency, quality examination, and global harmonization with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Thank you: Digital Transformation in Chemistry

With a growing awareness of sustainability, the chemical industry must rethink its processes in favor of alternatives that minimize environmental impact and conserve resources.

Thank you: Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are employed across many disciplines, particularly in chemistry research. Solid knowledge management practices and high-quality data are the cornerstones of AI success.

Thank you: Profitable Digital Transformation

Seventy percent of businesses will attempt to transform their operations from physical to digital, but only 30% will succeed. These daunting statistics reveal the competitive urgency and investment risks inherent in undertaking a digital transformation.
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