Product News

  • New Substance Detail View Improves Readability and User Experience (October 2014) read more>>
  • Table View of Commercial Sources answer sets and further enhancements to Non-Java CAS Structure Editor (September 2014) read more>>
  • Further usability and user interface enhancements to Non-Java CAS Structure Editor (July 2014) read more>>
  • Addition of Structure Templates and Canvas Zooming to Non-Java CAS Structure Editor (June 2014) read more>>
  • SciFinder/ChemDraw® Collaboration, Improved Analyze Feature, and Non-Java CAS Structure Editor Updates (May 2014) read more>> 
  • Non-Java CAS Structure Editor Updates and Commercial Source Improvements (April 2014) read more>>
  • Molfile Import/Export Added to Non-Java CAS Structure Editor and Sort by Number of Commercial Sources in Substance Answer Sets (March 2014) read more>>
  • Updates to Non-Java CAS Structure Editor and Substance Answer Set Display (January 2014) read more>>
  • Full Text PDF links and Additional Non-Java CAS Structure Editor Updates (December 2013) read more>>
  • Enhancements to the Non-Java CAS Structure Editor (November 2013) read more >>
  • New Non-Java CAS Structure Editor available in SciFinder (October 2013) read more >>
  • New SciFinder Design and User Interface (June 2013) read more >>
  • Springer experimental procedure data added to SciFinder and various system enhancements (April 2013) read more >>
  • New SciFinder Release with Ease of Use Features - Remain signed in, and enhanced help messages (December 2012) read more >>
  • New SciFinder Features Help Scientists Increase Productivity - improving precision and evaluation of reaction answer sets (Sept. 2012) read more >>
  • New SciFinder Enhancements Provide Convenient Access To Content - property searching and substance Quick View (April 2012) read more >>


  • Annual MEDLINE Reload on STN Features Enhanced Clinical Trial Information and the 2015 MeSH Thesaurus (January 26, 2015) read more >>
  • STN Launches New Pricing Option for Information Brokers: Search Service Value Pricing (January 23, 2015) read more >> 
  • CAS Expands Coverage of Reactions from Dissertations in CASREACT (December 19, 2014) read more >>
  • Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) Combination Set Data Now Available in CAplus, INPADOCDB and USPAT Databases (September 29, 2014) read more >>
  • Latest Release of New STN Now Available, Expands Global Patent Coverage and Enhances Search Capabilities (July 28, 2014) read more >> 
  • CHEMCATS on STN Enhanced with New Search and Display Fields and More Frequent Updates (June 30, 2014) read more >>
  • CAS REGISTRY BLAST Upgrade Improves Search Capabilities and Results Ranking (May 28, 2014) read more >>
  • Availability of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) Enhanced in STN Databases (May 19, 2014) read more >> 
  • STN AnaVist, Version 2.1, Improves Operating System Compatibility and Performance (May 9, 2014) read more >>
  • New STN Global Value Pricing Empowers You to Maximize the Value of STN (May 1, 2014) read more >> 
  • New STN Platform Enhancements Available, Increase Efficiency of Search Workflow (March 26, 2014) read more >>
  • INFULL and DEFULL Databases Now Available via STN Viewer (February 24, 2014) read more >> 
  • Annual MEDLINE Reload on STN Introduces New Searching Capabilities and the Updated 2014 MeSH Thesaurus (January 27, 2014) read more >>
  • STN on the Web Now Compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Current Versions of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome (January 27, 2014) read more >>
  • More STN Product Updates


  • New Content Provides Regulatory Professionals with Additional Value (March 17, 2015) read more >> 
  • Additional Experimental Spectra Now Available in CAS REGISTRY on SciFinder and in STN (December 18, 2014) read more >>
  • New Format Adopted for Taiwanese Granted Patent Numbers in CAS Databases and INPADOC (April 16, 2014) read more >>
  • Chinese Dissertations Added to CAplus (December 31, 2013) read more >>
  • Updated Enzyme Nomenclature Improves Access to Biological Information in CAS Databases (December 31, 2013) read more >>
  • More Database Product Updates



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