Celebrate the International Year of Chemistry 2011!

On February 1, the United States launched its celebration of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 (IYC 2011) in Philadelphia with a gathering of prominent industry and academic leaders. In a panel discussion titled "Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions," they discussed solutions to increasing global demands for energy, safe food and water, and improving human health in a panel discussion offered as a live streaming event on the web.

Adopted as a resolution from the 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations in December 2008, IYC 2011 emphasizes the importance of chemistry for sustainable development in all aspects of human life.1

CAS looks at research that impacts today's global challenges as well as geographic shifts in scientific research and commercialization. Its CAS Chemistry Research Report series examines global trends in journal, patent and reliable web publications. Along with podcasts from the CAS Media Library, the reports provide in-depth information related to the topics of the IYC 2011 panel discussion, including

Still need more chemistry? Be sure to check out the American Chemical Society's 365: Chemistry for Life Calendar with a new chemistry-related fact each day of the year and a chance to win an Apple iPad!

Contributed by
Kathryn J. Meloche, Ph.D.
Public Relations Representative

  1. Moreau, N. J. and Hasler, J. International Year of Chemistry. http://www.chemistry2011.org  (accessed January 27, 2011)

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