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One discovery can transform your entire business. And at the nucleus of it can be one specific piece of information, one unseen connection, or one overlooked opportunity.

At every step in the R&D process, CAS empowers discovery with best-in-class data, technology and human insight to help you innovate, plan, protect your innovations, and predict how new markets and opportunities will evolve.

CAS: Where Science and Strategy Converge

Unparalleled Scientific Content

The CAS content collection gives you a 360-degree view of global innovation, providing certainty you have all the information needed to make bold decisive moves.

Specialized Technology

CAS technology solutions are customized to extract insight from complex scientific data, delivering actionable insights that provide a competitive edge.

Unmatched Human Expertise

CAS expertise is rooted in our team of scientists and technologists who uncover meaningful connections from published science enabling custom solutions that leverage our knowledge to meet your unique information challenges.

No other organization has more experience aggregating, analyzing and curating scientific information and developing technologies to translate it into actionable insights than CAS.

CAS’s Clients Include

  • 47 of the top 50 chemical companies worldwide
  • 24 of the top 25 biotechnology companies worldwide
  • 48 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies worldwide
  • The top 100 universities in the world
  • Patent offices examining 96% of patent applications

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