Search Options in CA web edition

Chemical AbstractsTM web edition allows you to search an area of research by entering a word or phrase.

Click Search.  The Basic search option opens by default.  In the Search for box, enter a term or phrase for the topic of interest and then click GO.

CAweb search button

  • Basic search is performed in the Word index, which consists of single words from the titles, keywords, index entries, and abstracts.
  •  Basic search does not recognize stopwords: an, and, as, at, by, for, from, in, not, of, on, or, the, to, with.
  • Basic search supports left and right truncation.

Results are displayed as a list of titles.  Click a title of interest to view details.

CAweb search for topic

A detailed record is displayed.  Notice that your search terms are highlighted.

CAweb display record detail

If you would like to limit your answer set, click the Refine button. 

CAweb refine button

You can refine by Language, Document Type, or CA Publication Year.  Click OK

CAweb Refine options


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