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Peter F. Blasi, Jr.

Business Development Manager, CAS IP Search

Peter leads business development for the CAS IP Services team, introducing clients to the value of search services and bringing them together with seasoned search professionals to meet their information needs. He has a background in biochemistry and is a registered U.S. patent attorney with professional search experience in chemical, biological, and mechanical arts. Peter holds a JD from Western State University and an MBA from the Syracuse University Martin J. Whitman School of Management. 

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Access to accurate and reliable insights is important for the success of any scientific intellectual property (IP) strategy, especially when it comes to navigating the chemical IP landscape. Confidently knowing which chemical structures are novel—and which ones aren't—is essential to minimize the risk of your patent claims being rejected, your competitors getting the upper hand, or even your business pouring millions of dollars into R&D, only to find your product isn't new.