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Christopher P. Baddeley

Services Solutions Manager, CAS

Christopher P. Baddeley has worked at CAS for over a decade building CAS content and developing new product and service concepts in the informatics areas of materials and life sciences. He most recently transitioned to the Services Solutions Manager where he and his team provide technical expertise to new Services opportunities across all areas of research. His graduate degrees include a Master’s degree in Polymer Chemistry from the University of York working with low viscosity epoxy resins, and a Masters in Physical Organic Chemistry from The Ohio State University working with low molecular weight gelators.  

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May 28, 2020

Five key steps to getting started in chemical and materials informatics

Combining intuition with data is far more powerful than intuition alone. So whether your organization is just getting started with Machine Learning (ML) or already ramping up an ML program, these recommendations will aid the success of your informatics journey.

August 10, 2018

Knowledge sharing: A cure to accelerate the fight against global disease

In the case of high-risk diseases such as Ebola, the current 12-year timeframe for development of new medicines can result in many lost lives. Taking advantage of all opportunities to shorten this development cycle is critical to global health. So, how can the development of safe, new life-saving treatments be accelerated?