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Event: Get Reactions: Effective and Efficient Reaction Searching with SciFindern 
Date: May 27, 2020


Whether you are investigating chemical novelty, determining how to synthesize a compound in the lab, shopping for commercial suppliers, or simply learning what is known about a specific molecule, chemical substances are frequently the preferred gateway to your research. 

But with known molecules numbered in the hundreds of millions coupled with the extraordinary volume of associated chemical facts, reactions, supplier catalogs, and relevant literature references, efficient searching can quickly become overwhelming which is why you have turned to SciFinder to help manage your scientific research information.

SciFindern, the newest and most advanced offering in the SciFinder® family, empowers scientists to quickly find the most relevant, actionable answers for their research questions. Whether you already using SciFindern or considering making the switch, this webinar will help improve your search effectiveness, allowing you to save time, be more creative, and increase confidence in your decision-making.

In this webinar you will learn how to: 

  • Frame highly effective search strategies utilizing structures, nomenclature, and molecular formulas to optimize search effectiveness.
  • Employ useful filtering tools to efficiently and effectively navigate search results. 
  • Fully explore and mine search answers for key information including hard-to-find chemistry in patents.


  • 10am – 10:45am Central Europe Time - Register
  • 10am – 10:45am US Eastern Time - Register
  • 4pm – 4:45pm US Eastern Time - Register
  • 9pm – 9:45pm US Eastern Time - Register
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