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January 19, 2022

Analytical Chemistry: Stay Current on the Latest Technology

Analytical chemists face constantly evolving analytical techniques. CAS SciFindern contains the literature references you need to stay up to date with the latest technology. Join us as we look at how CAS Analytical Methods™, part of the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform™, provides you with a deeper look at the equipment used, the sample preparation and the validation of methods.

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February 16, 2022

More than Chemistry: Biosequence Searching in CAS SciFindern

See how CAS has combined the biosequence information from patents and journals in the CAS Content Collection™ with submitted sequences in NCBI, giving you access to more than one billion sequence data points to explore using BLAST, CDR or Motif search algorithms.

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March 16, 2022

Search Better: Tips and Tricks for Structure and Reaction Searching 

Join us as we share best practices for getting to the most relevant results in your answer set when searching for specific compound classes, like polymers, isotopes, and coordination compounds. 

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April 20, 2022

Green Chemistry: Going Green on Earth Day and Beyond

If you’re looking to become more environmentally conscious in your work, join us as we demonstrate the comprehensive content and search capabilities in CAS SciFindern that will make it your go-to solution for retrieving sustainable solutions related to your research topic.

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May 18, 2022 

Get the Best Result: Refining your Reference Searches 

Join us as we share best practices that will help make your reference searches as effective as possible. Whether you want to broaden an insufficient answer set or refine a search the provides too many results, we’ll show you how to focus on text search results and the next steps for working with your answers. 

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June 15, 2022

Get the Best Result: Refining your Substance and Reaction Searches 

Learn best practices related to creating substance and reaction searches that provide your best results. Whether you want to widen a search with too few results or narrow a search that leaves you with too many, we’ll share practical tips for customizing your search to give you the results you want and then effectively work with your answer set.

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Recorded Webinars

IP Search Tips

With its comprehensive content and powerful search capabilities, CAS SciFindern is a valuable tool for patent searching. The balance between the precision and completeness of IP search results is just as much an art as a skill. In this webinar, we will demonstrate some key IP searching tips.

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Alerts and Post-search Processing

CAS SciFindern has robust alerting capabilities to retrieve new references, substances, reactions, and citations, and offers multiple options to analyze result sets. In this webinar, we demonstrate them.

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Materials Science in CAS SciFindern

Whether you’re doing fundamental research on the chemical properties of materials, developing new materials or modifying formulations of existing materials to suit new applications, CAS SciFindern can help. Learn how in this webinar.

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Moving from SciFinder to CAS SciFinder

Once your organization has migrated from SciFinder to CAS SciFindern, this webinar will help you get familiar with the functionality and content of this advanced scientific research solution. In this webinar, you’ll learn about some of the many features unique to CAS SciFindern.

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Retrosynthesis Enhancements in SciFindern

CAS SciFindern  uses state of the art AI technology, trained by the world's most comprehensive and accurate collection of chemical reactions, to provide  the premier synthetic planning solution available. Chemists can utilize CAS SciFindern to easily build complete synthetic plans with a blend of experimentally derived and predicted reaction steps for both novel or known molecules. Learn about recent enhancements to the retrosynthesis planning tool.

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Advanced Reference and Substance Searching in SciFindern

Learn how to increase precision in your reference and substance search results by taking advantage of advanced search and refine features in CAS SciFindern.

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Back to Basics: Structure Searching in CAS SciFindern

Structure searching is a powerful tool in CAS SciFindern . It can help you find specific compounds in the CAS database. This webinar covers the basics of the CASDraw structure editor, and techniques for ring formation and substitution, allowing for variability in retrieved answers, and more.

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Substantive Searching: New Options for Substance Searching in SciFindern

Summary: Whether you are investigating chemical novelty, determining how to synthesize a compound in the lab, shopping for commercial suppliers, or simply learning what is known about a specific molecule, chemical substances are frequently the preferred gateway to your research. In this webinar learn tips and tricks for effective structure and nomenclature searching and more.

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Get Reactions: Effective and Efficient Reaction Searching with CAS SciFindern

Summary: Being prepared and efficient at the bench is paramount to your success when making new compounds in the lab.  Becoming proficient with the relevant synthetic literature for your planned synthesis is essential to your preparation. Learn from fellow organic chemists how to achieve the best results using CAS SciFindern.

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Effective and Efficient Reference Searching in CAS SciFindern

Summary: Whether you are coming up to speed for a new project, performing a competitive analysis, or applying for a research grant an effective literature review is an essential step in becoming proficient and productive with your research. Learn from our experts how CAS SciFindern will cut the time you spend on this activity in half!

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How will I make this? Retrosynthetic analysis for  novel and known compounds with CAS SciFinder

Summary: Creating the best synthetic plan can be challenging. Break through these challenges by learning how to leverage the industry leading retrosynthesis capabilities in CAS SciFindern to gain new insights for the lab.

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Retrosynthesis with CAS SciFindern: Advancing your research forward by working backwards.

Summary: In this webinar, join industry cheminformatics  leaders Dr. Peter Johnson and Dr. Orr Ravitz as they reveal how the CAS SciFindern retrosynthesis engine  came to be along  with an exclusive look under the hood to see how it all works. 

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Hidden polymers -pro tips for finding them using CAS SciFindern

Summary: Polymers are critical for many types of research, but can be tricky to search for. Learn from our experts how to locate the polymers you need with ease.

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CAS SciFindern   - it's not just for chemistry

Summary: As chemistry and biology become more and more interdisciplinary, effectively locating relevant biological information is essential to your success. Let our experts show you how.

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How green is this pasture? - Assessing the IP Landscape with CAS SciFindern

Summary: Establishing novelty, understanding freedom to operate, fencing out competition…there are any number of reasons to be knowledgeable with the relevant technical IP.  Our experts will show you that you don't need to be an expert patent searcher to understand the IP landscape for your technology interests.

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Compound Interest - searching properties and spectra  using CAS SciFindern 

Summary: You know how important chemical and physical properties are in your work to develop your next innovation.  Learn how to unlock  and utilize the wealth of available property and spectra information  with CAS SciFindern

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Who wrote that?  - Searching for authors and organizations using CAS SciFindern 

Summary: Trying to assess the research portfolio of a potential competitor or collaborator? Learn from our experts how to quickly find and analyze  the research being done by specific thought leaders or organizations.

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Analyze This - Leveraging  the Analytical Literature using CAS SciFindern and CAS Analytical Methods

Summary: As an analytical chemist, you know that analytical techniques are constantly evolving and improving  but you often are at a loss on how to keep up to date.  Our experts will show  you how to use CAS SciFinderand CAS Analytical Methods to stay on top of your analytical game.

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Better Living Through Chemistry - Advancing your Agrochemical Research with CAS SciFindern


Whether your research focuses on promoting plant growth, protecting seeds or defending against fungi or insects,  you are nowhere without a fundamental understanding of the supporting scientific literature. In this webinar, you will learn the best search and analysis techniques to efficiently unearth the compounds claimed in agrochemical application and found in agrochemical formulations.

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Next Stop, the Clinic - Preparing your new Drug for Clinical Research with CAS SciFindern and CAS Formulus® 


In pharmaceutical research, you know that having an efficacious, bioactive molecule only gets you so far.  As you drive towards the clinic, your research  strategy takes on a new dimension. In this webinar,  our experts reveal their secret recipes for finding relevant data on formulations, excipients, drug delivery systems and more.

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Metals, Alloys and Salts, Oh My - Mining a wealth of Inorganic Chemistry with CAS SciFindern 


Metal complexes and coordination compounds are an important part of your research, but effectively searching for them in the chemical literature can certainly be challenging.  In this webinar, learn tried and true techniques for unlocking the door to the literature for inorganic chemicals, alloys, and mixtures.

If you have specific needs that aren’t addressed in these webinars, want additional information, or would like to request a demonstration of CAS SciFindern for you or your team, please fill out the form below.

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Catalysis Searching in CAS SciFindern

Catalysts play a vital role in lowering activation energies for chemical reactions. In this webinar we will describe how to search coordination compounds used as catalysis, and also how to search less well-defined catalysts like molecular sieves, zeolites and enzymes used in biotransformations. We will also describe how to search for reaction mechanisms and reaction kinetics. 

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CAS SciFindern  Back To Basics

CAS SciFindern was developed to help scientists get to the most relevant information faster. In this session we will review the ways this is done. We will also review setting up broader exploratory text searches as well as text searches that are focused on more precise results. Refining your results in CAS SciFindern can also be done using filters and the Search Within options.

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New Visualizations in CAS SciFindern

New data visualizations are available in CAS SciFindern . Attend this webinar and see how to visualize the structural similarity of chemicals, review biosequence search results graphically, and more...

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Biosequence Searching in SciFindern 

CAS SciFindern is adding biosequence searching, and increasing our biosequences collection to over 500 million, providing an extended world of protein and nucleic acid sequence data to scientists.

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