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Schedule of Upcoming Webinars

September 29, 2020

Title: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Summary: Whether you are coming up to speed for a new project, performing a competitive analysis, or seeking VC funding, building from what is already known in patent and journal literature is essential for making business decisions quickly and with confidence. This introductory level webinar will reveal how SciFindern improves search effectiveness and efficiency, allowing significant benefits in time savings and increased confidence in decision making.

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September 30, 2020

TitleWho wrote that?  - Searching for authors and organizations using SciFindern 

Summary: Trying to assess the research portfolio of a potential competitor or collaborator? Learn from our experts how to quickly find and analyze  the research being done by specific thought leaders or organizations.

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Recordings of Previous Webinars

Substantive Searching: New Options for Substance Searching in SciFindern

Summary: Whether you are investigating chemical novelty, determining how to synthesize a compound in the lab, shopping for commercial suppliers, or simply learning what is known about a specific molecule, chemical substances are frequently the preferred gateway to your research. In this webinar learn tips and tricks for effective structure and nomenclature searching and more.

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Get Reactions: Effective and Efficient Reaction Searching with SciFindern

Summary: Being prepared and efficient at the bench is paramount to your success when making new compounds in the lab.  Becoming proficient with the relevant synthetic literature for your planned synthesis is essential to your preparation. Learn from fellow organic chemists how to achieve the best results using SciFindern.

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Effective and Efficient Reference Searching in SciFindern

Summary: Whether you are coming up to speed for a new project, performing a competitive analysis, or applying for a research grant an effective literature review is an essential step in becoming proficient and productive with your research. Learn from our experts how SciFindern will cut the time you spend on this activity in half!

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How will I make this? Retrosynthetic analysis for  novel and known compounds with SciFinder

Summary: Creating the best synthetic plan can be challenging. Break through these challenges by learning how to leverage the industry leading retrosynthesis capabilities in SciFindern to gain new insights for the lab.

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Retrosynthesis with SciFindern: Advancing your research forward by working backwards.

Summary: In this webinar, join industry cheminformatics  leaders Dr. Peter Johnson and Dr. Orr Ravitz as they reveal how the SciFindern retrosynthesis engine  came to be along  with an exclusive look under the hood to see how it all works. 

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Hidden polymers -pro tips for finding them using SciFindern

Summary: Polymers are critical for many types of research, but can be tricky to search for. Learn from our experts how to locate the polymers you need with ease.

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SciFindern   - it's not just for chemistry

Summary: As chemistry and biology become more and more interdisciplinary, effectively locating relevant biological information is essential to your success. Let our experts show you how.

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How green is this pasture? - Assessing the IP Landscape with SciFindern

Summary: Establishing novelty, understanding freedom to operate, fencing out competition…there are any number of reasons to be knowledgeable with the relevant technical IP.  Our experts will show you that you don't need to be an expert patent searcher to understand the IP landscape for your technology interests.

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Compound Interest - searching properties and spectra  using SciFindern 

Summary: You know how important chemical and physical properties are in your work to develop your next innovation.  Learn how to unlock  and utilize the wealth of available property and spectra information  with SciFindern

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