SciFinderⁿ Webinar - Back to Basics Structure Searching

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Back to Basics - Structure Searching

May 19, 2021


Structure searching is a powerful tool in SciFindern . It can help you find specific compounds from the CAS database which is manually curated by CAS analysis from the world’s journal and patent literature. 

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The main capabilities of the CASDraw structure editor in SciFindern. This includes options to lock atoms, and adding chains and rings for further ring substitution and formation.
  • Repeating groups and variable attachment points, which are very useful to control the variability of your structure queries
  • System-defined variables for alkyl chains and various rings, plus user-defined variables, which allow for a large amount of flexibility in retrieving compounds of interest

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This webinar will be presented three times, so please register for the event most convenient for you.