SciFinderⁿ Webinar - Assessing IP Landscape

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How green is this pasture? - assessing the IP landscape with SciFindern




Every organization that is developing new molecular inventions has to continually pay attention to the relevant Intellectual Property  landscape. Is my invention novel?  Is it patentable? Will it infringe on somebody else's IP?  The answers to these questions will shape the course of any product development effort.  Of course, Legal Departments/Firms and IP  professionals play an essential part in this process especially when applying for and enforcing technology patents.  But there is no excuse for research scientists to not have some rudimentary understanding of the IP considerations that affect their projects.  CAS' comprehensive, accurate and highly curated patent collection is an essential resource for providing that understanding. 

SciFindern, the newest and most advanced offering in the SciFinder® family, empowers you to quickly find the most relevant, actionable answers that advance your research forward. Whether you already using SciFindern or considering making the switch, this webinar will help improve your search effectiveness, allowing you to save time, be more creative, and increase confidence in your decision making.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • effectively frame searches to support first pass novelty, patentability and freedom to operate searches
  • utilize unique Markush capabilities to identify specific compounds covered under the umbrella of generic chemical structures found in patent documents 
  • quickly find and understand important but hard to find chemistry in patents by using the unique SciFindern patent viewer and chemically annotated patent documents