SciFinder Webinar - Retrosynthetic Analysis

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How will I make this?  - Retrosynthetic analysis for novel and known compounds with SciFindern




Developing the best synthetic plan is quite the intellectual challenge  but if done well will measurably pay off at the bench.  Obviously, the efficacy of the transformation is a factor, but you also must be  concerned with atom economy, reaction complexity, cost/availability of materials, and many other  factors in your planning.  Making things more challenging is the sheer volume of  synthetic literature you must comb through to aid you in  assembling  your desired path.  If you are working on creating a novel compound , even the literature is of limited help.  

SciFindern, the newest and most advanced offering in the SciFinder® family, empowers you to quickly find the most relevant, actionable answers that advance your research forward. Whether you already using SciFindern or considering making the switch, this webinar will help improve your search effectiveness, allowing you to save time, be more creative, and increase confidence in your decision making.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • generate complete retrosynthetic plans utilizing a combination of experimentally validated and predicted reaction steps
  • explore and evaluate alternative reaction steps across the entire synthesis
  • adjust the  parameters of the retrosynthetic analysis  to tailor it to your specific needs
  • easily explore evidence that support the recommended reaction steps in your plan