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Launch of Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library powered by CAS platform facilitates information sharing between scientists to improve laboratory safety
Launch of the Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library, powered by a new CAS platform, facilitates information sharing between scientists to improve laboratory safety by providing access to critical crowd-sourced reaction hazard information to reduce incidents. Read more
QSAR Machine Learning Models and their Applications for Identifying Potential COVID-19 Therapeutics
To identify potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 therapeutics, CAS scientists are building machine-learning predictive models to identify novel drug candidates for the viral targets 3 chymotrypsin-like protease (3CLpro) and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp). Read more
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MoA Technology integrates CAS chemical substance data into novel herbicide R&D workflow
CAS and MoA Technology, an innovator in herbicide R&D, announce an agreement to embed chemical substance data from the CAS REGISTRY®, as well as related reference and property information, directly into MoA’s R&D workflow via an application programming interface (API). Read more
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CAS announces signing of multi-year enterprise agreement with P&G
CAS announces signing of multi-year enterprise agreement with P&G that expands long-term partnership to support CPG leader’s commitment to disruptive innovation. Global access to leading scientific information solutions portfolio informs business strategy and fuels efficient R&D to deliver superior consumer product performance.
Read more
Case Studies
SciFinderⁿ Case Study - Konishi Chemical Industry Co.
This case study features Konishi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., a chemical research and development company based in Koizaka, Japan, and how they use SciFinderⁿ to speed up their science to develop profitable solutions in an ever changing market. Read more
Potential therapeutic agents and associated bioassay data for COVID-19 and related human coronavirus infections
To support ongoing research and development of COVID-19 therapeutics, this report provides an overview of protein targets and corresponding potential drug candidates with bioassay and structure-activity relationship data found in the scientific and patent literature for COVID-19 or related virus infections. Read more
Protecting and Commercializing the Promise of RNAi
In this article from The Patent Lawyer Magazine, Anne Marie Clark, Senior Search Analyst for CAS, discusses how to avoid patent pitfalls as the market for RNAi-derived therapeutics grows. Read more
Case Studies
Toray Industries unlocks new value from data with CAS Knowledge Management Training
A strong data platform enables valuable R&D data to be integrated where and when it is needed. Yet, managing scientific data requires expertise. Researchers at a leading materials organization learned key principles of data management through specialized training at CAS. Read more
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CAS Makes Commitment to Enhance Laboratory Safety by Partnering with the Pistoia Alliance for Chemical Safety Library
CAS and Pistoia agreement will leverage CAS information management capabilities to grow critical safety resource pioneered by the Pistoia Alliance for the chemical community. Read more