November 25, 2013

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Patent Number: US 8552239
Title: Process for production of olefins
Inventor(s): Ohkubo, Tsuneyuki; Fujiwara, Kenji; Fujita, Terunori; Ishibashi, Masayasu
Patent Assignee(s): Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Japan
Source: PCT Int. Appl., 29pp. CODEN: PIXXD2
Language: Japanese

Provided is a novel process for the prodn. of olefins, whereby it is possible to establish an industrially practical process for obtaining an olefin in a single step by reacting a ketone directly with H, in particular, a novel process for the prodn. of olefins, whereby propylene can be obtained with a high selectivity by direct reaction of acetone with H.  The process for the prodn. of olefins comprises reacting a ketone with H in the presence of both at least one dehydration catalyst and a Ag-contg. catalyst, said dehydration catalyst being selected from among: metal oxide catalysts contg. Group 6 elements; zeolite; alumina; and heteropolyacid salts which are each prepd. by replacing part or the whole of the protons of a heteropolyacid by metal cations.

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