August 15, 2011

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Patent Number: US 7973199
Title: Energy saving process for production of acetone from bioethanol with high efficiency
Inventor(s): Masuda, Takao; Tago, Teruoki; Yanase, Tetsuya; Tsuboi, Hirokazu
Patent Assignee(s): Metawater Co., Ltd., Japan; National University Corporation Hokkaido University
Source: PCT Int. Appl., 16pp.; Chemical Indexing Equivalent to 151:361545 (JP) CODEN: PIXXD2
Language: Japanese

Aqueous ethanol produced by using a biomass as a raw material is heated at 400 degree C or higher (preferably 450-550 degrees) in the presence of a Zr-Fe catalyst to produce acetone. The Zr-Fe catalyst preferably contains 5-10% zirconium.

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