April 18, 2011

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Patent Number: US 7902263

Preparation of polybutylene terephthalate random copolymers from polyethylene terephthalate


Agarwal, Parminder; Cohoon, Kristen; Dhawan, Sandeep; Gallucci, Robert Russell; Kannan, Ganesh; Miller, Kenneth Frederick; Shah, Dhaval

Patent Assignee(s):

Sabic Innovative Plastics IP B.V., Neth.


U.S., 22pp.; Chemical Indexing Equivalent to 147:235679 (WO) CODEN: USXXAM

Language: English
The invention relates to a process for making modified polybutylene terephthalate random copolymers from a polyethylene terephthalate component. Polybutylene terephthalate random copolymer is prepared from polyethylene terephthalate comprising the steps, (a) depolymg. a polyethylene terephthalate component selected from polyethylene terephthalate and polyethylene terephthalate copolymers with 1,4-butanediol component at a temperature 180-230 degrees C under agitation at a pressure at least equal to atmospheric pressure in the presence of a catalyst component under an inert atmospheric to produce a molten mixture containing a component selected from oligomers containing ethylene terephthalate moieties, oligomers containing ethylene isophthalate moieties, oligomers containing diethylene terephthalate moieties, oligomers containing diethylene isophthalate moieties, oligomers containing butylene terephthalate moieties, oligomers containing butylene isophthalate moieties, covalently bonded oligomeric moieties containing at least 2 of foregoing moieties, 1,4-butane diol, ethylene glycol groups, and combinations thereof, (b) agitating the molten mixture at subatmospheric pressure and increasing the temperature of the molten mixture to an elevated temperature under conditions sufficient to form a modified random polybutylene terephthalate copolymer containing at least 1 residue derived from the polyethylene terephthalate component.

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