April 1, 2013

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Patent Number: US 8329959
Title: Process for the preparation of alkylene glycol from alkylene oxide 
Inventor(s): Van Milligen, Hendrik Johannes; Veenstra, Peter
Patent Assignee(s): Shell Internationale Research Maatschappij B.V., Neth.
Source: PCT Int. Appl., 28pp.CODEN: PIXXD
Language: English

A process for manufacture alkylene glycol such as monoethylene glycol (I) from alkylene oxide such as ethylene oxide comprises steps: (a) supplying alkylene oxide, water, a homogeneous carboxylation catalyst and a homogeneous hydrolysis catalyst to a reactor comprising a carboxylation zone and a hydrolysis zone, (b) stirring CO2 and the liquid reagents in the carboxylation zone using ejectors, (c) supplying the reaction mixture from the carboxylation zone to a hydrolysis zone, wherein alkylene carbonate and water react to form a product solution comprising alkylene glycol, the homogeneous carboxylation catalyst and the homogeneous hydrolysis catalyst, (d) CO2 released by the reaction of alkylene carbonate and water in the hydrolysis zone is supplied to the carboxylation zone and (e) withdrawning a product solution from the hydrolysis zone. Thus, ethylene oxide, make-up CO2, water carboxylation catalysts and hydrolysis catalysts were fed to the first continuously stirred tank reactor in molar ratio 1.0:0.5:1.8:0.014:0.0029 (no further water addition or catalyst addition was applied to any of the other tanks) resulting in I manufacture with selectivity 99.2%, whereby ethylene oxide losses was about 1.6 weight% of the ethylene oxide feed.

Please note:  Abstracts and Titles for patent records in CAplus are routinely enhanced to better describe the claimed invention. The title of the U.S. granted publication is Process for the preparation of alkylene glycol.

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