March 26, 2012

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Patent Number: US 8129436
Title: Mixed alcohol synthesis with enhanced carbon value use
Inventor(s): Tirtowidjojo, Max M.; Fish, Barry B.; Pelt, Hendrik L.; Jewell, Dennis W.; Bearden, Mark D.; Pendergast, John G.; Siddall, Jon H.; Stears, Brien A.; Tran, Haivan D.; Verwijs, Jan W.; Wehmeyer, Richard M.
Patent Assignee(s): Dow Global Technologies Inc., USA
Source: PCT Int. Appl., 43 pp. CODEN: PIXXD2
Language: English

The invention provides a method for simplifying manufacture of a mixed alc. or mixed oxygenate product from synthesis gas. The mixed alc. or mixed oxygenate product contains ethanol and other oxygenates with two or more carbon atoms per mol. The method includes stripping a portion of carbon dioxide and inert gases contained in a mixed alc. synthesis reaction product using a methanol-containing stream, such as one produced as part of the method, as a medium to absorb said carbon dioxide and inert gases and recycling light products and heavy products to one or more of synthesis gas generation, mixed alc. synthesis and separation of desired mixed alc. or mixed oxygenate products from other components of a mixed alc. synthesis stream. The invention also provides downstream processing of the mixed alc. or mixed oxygenate product by subjecting the product to a dehydration step in order to convert at least ethanol, preferably at least ethanol and propanol, to their corresponding olefins (e.g. ethylene and propylene).

Please note:  In this example, CAS indexed the PCT patent publication WO 2008048364 as the first published record of the invention. Legal representatives for Jan Verwijs (deceased) are present on the U.S. granted patent (US 8129356) and include the following: Verwijs-van den Brink; Aaltje, Verwijs; Lena, and Verwijs; Hendrika Gerrita.


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