January 24, 2011

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Patent Number:

US 7863494

Title: Hydrocarbon steam cracking catalyst, method for preparing the same and method for preparing light olefin by using the same
Inventor(s): Kang, Jun-Han; Lee, Won-Ho; Jeong, Sang-Mun; Park, Sang-Ku; Chae, Jong-Hyun
Patent Assignee(s): LG Chem. Ltd., S. Korea
Source: PCT Int. Appl. 28 pp. CODEN: PIXXD2
Language: English
Provided are a catalyst for hydrocarbon steam cracking for light olefin prodn. and a method for prepg. the same. The catalyst is a simple KMgPO4 catalyst, a supported KMgPO4 catalyst, or a KMgPO4-sintered catalyst. The simple KMgPO4 catalyst is a catalyst contg. KMgPO4 as a catalyst component. The supported KMgPO4 catalyst is prepd. by impregnating a carrier with an aq. soln. of a KMgPO4 precursor and the KMgPO4-sintered catalyst is prepd. by mixing a KMgPO4 powder or a KMgPO4 precursor powder with metal oxide followed by sintering. Provided is also a method for producing light olefins such as ethylene and propylene by steam cracking in the presence of the catalyst. When the catalyst comprising KMgSO4 as a catalytic component is used in olefin prodn., the yield of olefins is increased and the amt. of cokes deposited on the catalyst is reduced, relative to a common steam cracking process. Therefore, catalyst activity can be maintained for a longer time.


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